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The advantages of hiring a professional translation agency

Are translation services outsourced? Many companies choose to translate internally, falling into translation errors that can harm their brand image.

Faced with a need for translation, be it a product catalog, a marketing campaign or web content, a company should consider hiring translation services from a specialized company. In this post we will discuss the main advantages of hiring a translation service.

Economic savings in translation services: Translation agencies allow hiring specific jobs. This allows the company to not have to hire a translator in the business and save good money. Furthermore, given the great competition in the sector, the prices for professional translations are quite affordable.

Professionalism and good results: Given the large volume of work carried out by translation agencies, they have a lot of experience, which results in professional results that will add value to the company.

Maximum quality: The variety of professionals that a translation company encompasses ensures that each phase of the project has the professional that meets your requirements. In addition, the performance of a quality control process allows agencies to offer an optimal result that meets all the established requirements. The multilingual services, solutions and tools that these types of companies make available to you are tailored to the specific needs of each client. And that is also reflected in the results, which are never presented until there is a guarantee of quality and optimization of translations. You won't have to worry about losing linguistic wealth!

International presence: There is no use translating the contents of a project if their SEO does not internationalize. And, if the keywords, metadata, policies and corporate data corresponding to the company are not translated, the search engines will not be able to index them. If you do not want to lose web presence in the different markets, do not hesitate to hire specialized services.

Correct location: These companies not only translate the content; they also adapt it to the regions receiving the translations so that you can start your commercial activities in a satisfactory way. For this, it is usually necessary to locate each of them under a previous cultural audit expressions and trends that serve as support.

Get translations in many languages: Why can translation agencies carry out work in many languages? The main reason is because they have a wide network of freelance collaborators spread all over the world that allows them to take translations in many languages ​​and in a multidirectional way.

Agility and speed in translations: In addition to good professionals and quality translation services, the agencies offer speed and diligence in delivering the work. There are even some translation companies that have “Express” type services. That is, fast translations that are needed for unforeseen events.

Specialization in very specific topics: Along with having freelance professionals in many languages, these same translators also have their specialty. Thus, only translation agencies are capable of translating highly technical, scientific or language-specific texts that are highly localized in some regions. An example is the translations of various versions of English, French or Spanish.

Total availability throughout the year: In addition to the fact that they use web platforms that are online 24 × 7, translation agencies are always available with something like a "full time service" that receives requests and puts them in the hands of translators quickly enough to be able to start to work.

Native and specialized translators: Translation companies have highly qualified translators with experience in specific areas, so that any type of translation gives an optimal result. This will not be the case if the translations are carried out internally, since there may be a lack of cultural knowledge, the target language and the subject of each translation. The need for specialized translation makes even more sense when it comes to technical translations, translations that have very specialized terminology (medical information, scientific articles, user guides, etc.). Working with a team of specialists ensures that the final translation will be faithful to the original text.

Time saving: By hiring an external translation service, the company significantly reduces the time dedicated to this task, taking care of other more important aspects of its business. A translation company offers translation solutions adapted to each need and has the necessary tools to free the company from all translation management. In addition, if you opt for an internal translation, delivery times would increase due to the lack of resources and knowledge to carry out the translation.

Management of large volumes of work: Given the need to translate a large volume of content, the best strategy is to have a translation company that can manage it, managing to minimize the translation process to obtain an optimal result. Translation companies have the ability to translate large documents, ensuring an efficient service and guaranteeing a rigorous internal quality and control process according to corporate standards.



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