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Swaddle Blankets - Uses and Types

If you have a newborn, you can have sleepless nights for months. Babies tend to cry for no apparent reason. The change of environment is the most common culprit. Luckily, there is something you can do about it - swaddling. Swaddling is one of the ways you can soothe your little one to sleep. While your baby sleeps, you can catch some sleep too. So, it is a win-win. Swaddling is incomplete without the bamboo muslin swaddle blanket. There are different types of swaddle blanket you can choose from.


A swaddle blanket is used for swaddling. These blankets are breathable and large. Most of them are made of muslin. Your baby will be going through some transition, and so will you. They will be coming from the warmth of the womb to the harsh world outside. You can make the transition easier for them by using a bamboo muslin blanket. It will also make things easier for you too. Swaddling makes your baby feel comfortable and cosy.

Uses of a swaddle blanket

A swaddle blanket is a valuable item when you are a new mom. There are many reasons why you should invest in one of these blankets.

  • Provide warmth: babies are used to the warmth in the womb. When they get outside the womb, you need to keep them covered so that they maintain the required temperature. Using a swaddle blanket gives the warmth they need.
  • Safety: there is an increased chance of suffocation when babies less than one year are exposed to loose bedding. With an organic swaddle, you are rest assured that your little one remainswarm and covered throughout the night.
  • Prevents startle reflex: most babies experience startle reflex until about four months of age. Your babies will get startled and lift their arms from their sides. They will wake up as soon as that happens and are unable to go back to sleep. Using a swaddle ensures that your baby’s arms are secure and thus avoid startle reflex.
  • Soothes anxiety: babies find it comfortable when they are in a tight and confined environment. That is what they were used to while in the womb. With a bamboo swaddle, that is the kind of environment they get. It also helps them remain safe and secure.

Types of swaddle blankets

There are different types of swaddle blankets at your disposal.

  • Traditional swaddle blanket: It is a large blanket that you fold around the baby and keep them tight and secure. It is a minimum of 45 inches on all sides and made using non-elastic material.
  • Swaddle sacks: the swaddle sacks combine a traditional swaddle and a sleep sack. They have a hook and loop to keep the baby snug.
  • Stretchy pods: they are also known as swaddle pod or woombie. The blankets are made of elastic fabric and zip-up so that your baby remains swaddled.

A swaddle blanket keeps you safe from the sleepless nights you will experience when you bring your bundle of joy home. Your baby will sleep soundly throughout the night thanks to your organic bamboo swaddle blanket.



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