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Summer Care Tips To Help Your Lawn Beat The Heat

Have you ever given it a thought that you lawn must be needing some extra attention and a little bit of special care during the hot summer days? The blazing heat of the sun may leave your lawn in a poor state where all the grasses may get burnt and damaged. The soil may end up being dehydrated stripping your lawn off all the sheen and luster.

Thus summer demands for a special care of your lawn.You can consider the following tips while planning your lawn care program during the pretty hot summer days.

Here go the tips.

  • Get your grass watered in the morning to keep away the solar heat. With the hours progressing the summer sun turns out to be too bright and often under its piercing heat the grasses get burnt. Watering the grasses in the absence of the sun or at a time when the sun's heat is demure, will keep them well hydrated and the lawn will also get ample time all through the day to get dry. Two inches twice a week is enough when watering is concerned.
  • Keep the grasses at a height of around four inches and do not reduce their height lesser than it. Taller grasses can better tolerate the summer heat than that of grasses shorter in height. Longer the grasses, deeper the roots travel beneath the soil, preventing the growth of weeds. Weeds often use to compete with the grasses in drawing water keeping the grasses dehydrated often. Having no existence of weeds in the first place would definitely keep the grasses healthier.
  • Limit the frequency of walking across your lawn. Grasses during the summer remains dry and the pressure of heavy foot can lead to long term damage of your lawn. Heavy foot traffic may also form packed in soil that would prevent the entry of air beneath the soil, thereby impoverishing the roots.
  • Instead of bagging the lawn clippings mulch them. Remember that mulching helps retain moisture, keeping the soil hydrated to resist the summer wrath of nature. Mulching would maintain the lawn health.
  • A market bought shade cloth can resist the blazing heat from entering your lawn. However, never consider it to be a permanent solution. Some shade cloths can prevent the entry of sunlight up to 90 percent. It all depends on the quality of the shade cloth. You will get them at your local garden store. Make sure that you do not enclose the plants absolutely or do not keep the shade cloths in a place where the air is too strong.
  • As a permanent solution plant more trees to provide the grasses with shades. These plants definitely won't grow overnight, but in the long run they would grow taller to provide a canopy to the delicate grasses. This would retain the lawn health.

Follow the given tips to take care of your lawn during the summer. For better care don't forget to get in touch with landscapers in Scottsdale under Mast Lawn Care.


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