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Strategies to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

The strategy of attracting subscribers is important to increase the community. Do not forget that YouTube is an interactive social experience that you have to keep alive with the recruitment of new subscribers and the loyalty of the current ones.

Publicizing the channel does not only depend on the creation of relevant content, quality and well optimized. Within the challenge of attracting the attention of your audience, you will need a strategy to attract subscribers with the aim of increasing visitor traffic or, the number of views of the channel. You can also buy YouTube subscribers and thus increase your overall view counts on your videos.

The most used strategies to attract subscribers range from the typical calls to action that you place in different locations of the channel and video, to the support with the rest of social networks, as well as the interesting resource that consists in creating synergies or agreeing on cross-collaborations between brands

Use Social Networks

YouTube gives you the necessary functionality to make an automated and unidirectional connection (it will show the activity of the channel) on Facebook and Twitter, although it is beginning to be interactive in Google+ because it allows a comment made on a certain video of this social network also appear in the YouTube video. Today there are a plethora of firms which allows you to buy YouTube views and subscribers by investing a minimal amount.

Synergies between Channels

The cross-promotion of content between brands is a great help when it comes to promoting a channel for free, without the need to resort to the expensive resource of investing in the creation of advertisements.

However, you must analyze your case to choose the best strategy and opt for one or another option, or even both combined. Think about it, it will be a pity if you do not take advantage of other relevant channels with which you can maintain tremendously beneficial relationships for both.

If you have friendly brands with a presence on YouTube, you have a treasure. It will be enough with an exchange of links located in your respective channels, as prominent links, to get cross-subscribers.

It is still more productive if, in addition, the channel of the other brand includes you in a playlist, and you do the same. Another option would be to create videos together taking advantage of the different specialties or strengths of each one. For example, in the case of a synergy between a modeling agency and a musical group, a video could be created that combines a model gateway with background music, achieving a strategy to win subscribers.

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