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Significance of sem

A website may have all the ingredients to make it look attractive but it can fail in achieving good traffic. That problem can be solved easily with the help of Search Engine Marketing which is also known as Pay per Click in most cases. This technique in Digital Marketing basically aims at increasing the website traffic along with increasing the customer conversion rate. SEO is sometimes considered as a part of Search Engine Marketing. The only difference is that techniques used in Search Engine Optimization are basically unpaid or free processes whereas Search Engine Marketing or Pay per click uses paid marketing methods online.


Search Engine Marketing often uses two types of paid techniques whose differences are often debatable. They are “Paid Inclusion” technique and “Pay per Click” methods.

Paid Inclusion is the process in which a Search Engine like Google charges a website some money to be included in the search results. Pay per Click is the method in which the company would pay the money to the publishers for the number of clicks it achieved on a particular keyword after bidding some price on that keyword.


Pay per Click is generally categorized into two types

o   Flat-rate PPC

o   Bid-based PPC


§  In the flat rate PPC, the advertiser would pay some fixed amount of money to its publisher that is agreed upon by the both of them after considering a number of parameters. The parameters include potential value of a click from the given source, related content on the pages and the level of the competition for that content. It can be simply said that the content that attracts more valuable visitors would have higher PPC than the one which attracts relatively less valuable visitors.

§  Most of us observe some ads related to a brand or a product when we search for a particular keyword in the search engine. These usually appear at the top of the result page or on the right side of the same page. These are nothing but the products of Bid-based PPC. Advertisers or businesses would be willing to pay some maximum amount of price for a particular key-word for which they wish to rank. There will be quite a competition in this process on who would bid the maximum for a keyword. This is just like a real time auction, held by Search Engine like Google and it determines on who wins the bid on the following factors apart from the money that is bid.

o   Expected click-through rate.

o   Relevancy of the Ad.

o   Quality of the Landing Page.

It is a common notion or belief that flat rate PPC would bring the businesses significantly lower number of clients when compared to bid based PPC. Businesses should brainstorm and decide which would work in their favor.



Search Engine Marketing would help both the newly established websites as well as the old websites to reach their targets and goals. Let us see what kind of websites would need SEM and how the new and old business websites would be benefitted with SEM.

What kind of businesses or websites would need SEM?

·        New websites who cannot wait to see their organic SEO to ripe and are willing to rank in first page ASAP and accomplish their branding needs.

·        Sites which are ranking in organic search and are willing to win more and more traffic

·        Sites which are willing to target wide array of substantial keywords

·        Websites willing to reach target audience who are seeking out for some specifics – information, offers, promotions and many more.

Any major <a href=””>digital marketing agency</a> would include SEM as one of their services as it is an important strategy.


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