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As long as you are using protection and is consensual, there is no wrong way of doing sex. Sex is not only being physically but is partly emotional as well. Thus being comfortable with your partner is crucial. Here are some of the secrets to have a great time while having sex the first time.  

Do Not Fake An Orgasm:

The time when you are being intimate with your partner for the first time, you should do not plant any unrealistic standards. Orgasms do not come with every touch or kiss and that is totally genuine. Faking things could lead to uncomfortable communication which you do not want if you want to have a great time. Communicate freely with your partner regarding what you like and what you do not prefer. Sex contact UKsays that once you get the habit of faking, having a good time becomes difficult.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions:

Maybe it is not the first time for your partner and maybe it is for you. Situations may occur like maybe you do not know what your new partner prefers and dislikes. You never know everything. And sex is finding out what your partner wants and what you like. Ask your partner questions if you do not know what they prefer. This way you show that you care. Free Sex Dating Sites match pairs who they think would be compatible with each other.

Use Protection:

Knowing that you are using protection relaxes you a lot during sex says sex contacts UK. During sex, you could feel awkward and get distracted thinking about STDs and pregnancy. Thus always talk to your partner regarding the type of protection you would be using and the form of birth control.

Also, make sure that you are enthusiastically consensual to what you and your partner want. Do not just go with the flow make sure that you want it. With the help of free sex, dating sites meet your match. You have the right to ask your partner to stop if you do not like a certain kind of activity he is doing. Make sure you both are interested in doing things together says sex contact UK.  

Do not expect fireworks your first time as shown in the various movies. It could get awkward and a little flawed. But sex is all about exploring each other and having fun at the same time.


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