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Sclerotherapy Spider Veins Boston MA

Spider veins often called telangiectasias are a bunch of prominent colored embossed vessels which appears on the skin, usually on legs and face. They look like a spider web that is why they are called spider veins. They often develop in women more than men. The reasons may be the hormonal changes caused due to pregnancy, puberty and menopause, obesity or heredity etc. which cause structural abnormality of blood vessels. When the blood pools in the vessels due to various such reason the blood vessel walls get affected and these spider veins appear on the skin due to their enlargement.
There are various treatments for spider veins including non-surgical i.e., wearing support stockings, Exercise or weight loss and surgical procedures like Laser therapy, Sclerotherapy, and Radiofrequency occlusion etc. Among these medical treatments, Sclerotherapy for spider veins Boston ma is one of the most effective and specialized surgical treatments used to eliminate the blood vessel deformities
Sclerotherapy for spider veins was first introduced in the 1930’s.In this procedure, the doctor injects a concentrated salt solution in the affected vessels which causes these veins to disappear in a few sessions. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is considered as a choice because the treatment in rather inexpensive and does not require anesthesia. It hardly takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. You may feel a little uneasiness or cramping for a few minutes during the whole procedure. It can be performed in the doctor’s place and only involves a fine needle to vaccinate the solution in the affected vein and the vein fades away gradually after some time. A number of sessions may be needed for the best results. It is considered to be one of the most successful procedures and studies and examples reveal that 50%-80% of injected veins may be reduced with each session of sclerotherapy. This procedure works for most of the patients and there are only 10% chances of failure, however, nobody guarantees 100% success.
COST OF SCLEROTHERAPY: Sclerotherapy for spider veins is a cost-effective treatment and the fee largely depends upon the size and number of veins which are affected however it is a cosmetic surgery and involves rather less cost than the other surgical treatments.
The possible side effects of the technique may include rashes, skin discoloration, itching, bleeding or swelling of the affected area and they may last for some days, nevertheless, these may be minimized if the treatment is done by a qualified dermatologist.
Various other side effects may occur like some bulging veins get bumpy and take a lot of time to disappear, Blood clotting and inflammation, Brown lines or spots which may last for an indefinite period of time and Neovascularization, that is the formation of new minute vessels. Other complications like allergic reactions may also occur.
Not only it is the cost-effective and less time-consuming procedure, But It also involves lesser complications than any other treatment. Moreover, You can stand up and get into your routine activities on an immediate basis. however, the sun exposure should be avoided for few weeks and compression stocking should be worn at the treated area to get the optimal results.
Particulars on the Sclerotherapy Spider Veins Boston MA  is being discussed below which one of the most successful, cost-effective and hassle-free treatment for the spider veins.



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