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SaaS-modelled digital marketing solutions popular trends of the industry

SaaS-modelled digital marketing solutions popular trends of the industry


Mumbai, India – June 16, 2014 - Web analytics, sales CRM, e-commerce, social CRM, e-mail, WCM and marketing automation are the various functions performed by the tools of digital marketing that assist companies in creating and executing effectual marketing objectives. Given the widespread use of the internet by companies to reach out consumers across the globe, industry experts speculate that the global digital marketing market will to grow at a CAGR of 15.22% between 2014 and 2018.


This report: Global Digital Marketing Market 2014-2018 focuses on the key market drivers, prevalent trends and challenges which oppose this segment.


Factors which propel the market forward

The digital marketing industry growth is driven by the increasing significance of digital media across industries today. Of late, an increase in mobile phone usage, improved broadband connectivity and increased time spent on the Internet by consumers worldwide, has raised the demand for digital marketing, since marketers across industries have been increasingly resorting to the internet to reach out to more and more consumers across the globe. Since geographical barriers are no longer a constraint, a greater number of consumers can be reached out to through digital marketing mediums, thus giving organizations enough incentive to employ digital marketing services. Additionally, the fact that the digital medium is the most cost effective medium, has also contributed largely to the growth of digital marketing services.


Popular market trends

Unique pay-per-use model is provided by various Software as a Service (SaaS) providers for digital marketing, along with a one-time fee charged by companies for upgrading, regulating and promising lifetime support. Given the cost effectiveness, numerous vendors have started providing such marketing solutions to companies through the SaaS model, enabling them to penetrate new markets and increase their reach. Additionally, digital records, data and images can be preserved and information can be accessed easily with the assistance of digital marketing solutions which has further increased the popularity of this market.


Challenges which threaten the industry

Lack of experienced manpower is amongst the most important challenges which has been thwarting this industry. As of today the industry only has a few skilled professionals, who are available to assist clients in order to help them achieve greater outputs from digital marketing initiatives.


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