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Revamp The Closet!

I never thought that my life would take a 360 degree turn while, I was just in the middle of a summersault.  To win the title for Youtube most popular video channel was like a miracle, that happened to me just last week when the results were announced. Among millions of entries, my video happened to make it up to the finale. Quite a notion, though I never thought that I would be capable of even reaching in top ten. I was too happy, but still aware of the fact that other videos were rather classy with fresh fashion style-alert where as my video was just a fashion -tip about revamping your wardrobe with no top designer suggestion included. My video content a total revamp suggestion of the closet with no or less monetary expenses involved.

True when most women claims to I have a closet full of nothing, trends are surely changing swiftly.  Every day opening up the wardrobe full of old fashioned clothes and accessories do make a dull start. World today has become materialistic that no one can wear the same old trend for even a month. With every new collection and new designer arising around the fashion world has been growing like a forest fire.  While elites can easily afford every comfort they desire, but the problem arises with the middle class and the much middle upper class that tackles the battle in this materialistic world. Ever since I read The Devil Wear Prada! I have become quite monotonous about the trending fashion and the glam-slam world. With the same repetitive trends there has been nothing that can be implemented in the world around. This idea caught my attention and I made a video on Wardrobe revamping. The same old cupboard that it was with many shades of same Tee’s and tops but still we can’t figure out what to wear in the morning. Thus, I figured out few tips after conducting a research.

Now I’m not a cranky video geek but a loyal viewer of youtube. Initially I was not even interested in Youtube trends nor did I know anything about how to make it viral. Even uploading a video was like a huge task for me. I never knew how to monetize the video nor raster an image. The whole concept of participate in a massive competition was out of box. I never had thought that little things in life could be of so much importance. I felt the hardest task was how to promote videos on youtube. My friend helped me out with SEO; she kept on emphasizing on how to monetize your videos.  While she managed the keywords to boost youtube views, I handle up the video editing. Talent promotion was never easy task but I still manage to handle it. It was a proud moment when I started getting hits and comments my video proved to be far more engaging than I thought it could. The reach and the stats on my youtube channel went high. Like fashion fades, style is eternal and simplicity can be the ultimate form of sophistication my simple fashion revamping tips today has made it count large. 


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