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Reliable Tax, Payroll and Accounting Services for Small Businesses in New York


A lot will be involved in getting your small business to the next level.

More growth comes with newer challenges and one important part of this is how you can effectively manage your small business’s finances effectively.

There’s a limit to what you can do all by yourself. That’s why it makes sense to outsource your accounting and payroll services in New York to professionals.

Accountant in Jamaica, NY

Finding an accountant in Jamaica, NY to handle your accounting service comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll be doing yourself a great advantage since these professionals truly bring with them a great deal of value.

If you want to really scale your business and harness your potential, you’ll no doubt need effective accounting solutions. With an expert in charge of your accounting, you’ll have one less burden to carry.

Business Accounting Service in Brooklyn

There are experts and professionals offering business accounting services in Brooklyn for small businesses and startups. There’s a lot to gain from outsourcing your accounting services to these professionals.

Years of experience, as well as their professionalism, means they can always provide many small businesses with personalized services from accounting to tax preparation, and other financial reporting services.

Payroll Services in Jamaica, NY

Small businesses in Jamaica, NY, as well as, the surrounding area can also contract their payroll services to expert payroll service providers. These services are very valuable and still very much convenient and affordable.

You can also count on the accuracy and reliability of these services. It will be a huge benefit compared to having to process your payroll by yourself, which alone can put you at great risks and disadvantages while also robbing you of optimal productivity and efficiency. CFO Services in Brooklyn, NY

Small business owners and managers can easily outsource their CFO services to trusted financial management experts. Apart from this giving you more time that can be spent on your core business operations, you can also rest assured that your company’s finances are being managed by capable and competent hands, something you’ll need to boost profitability and growth.

Tax Accounting Service in Brooklyn

There are also a handful of accounting firms offering tax preparation, tax planning, and a series of other tax accounting services in Brooklyn. You can leverage the skills and experience of professional tax strategists to help you explore tax-saving opportunities while still staying compliant of IRS regulations.


While large and established corporations wouldn’t mind shelling out huge sums to assemble a team of accounting and financial experts, small businesses with limited budgets can’t afford that luxury. On the other hand, there’s actually only a little you can achieve managing your accounting and finances with the day-to-day business administration. Many times, businesses often run into trouble doing this.

The best solution in this case for small businesses in New York, and elsewhere, is to outsource their payroll and accounting services to reliable firms that will be able to offer personalized services tailored meet their everyday business needs.

This will help them get a better understanding and control of the financial side of their business. Ultimately, this will also help in making better and informed decisions that will be valuable in achieving and sustaining growth in the long run.

About CBA Tax & Accounting

When it comes to professional tax and accounting services in NY and surrounding areas, CBA Tax & Accounting is the company to call. Our accountant is experienced in tax and accounting services. At the age of 16 our professional accountant learned the theory of accounts, and at the age of 19, he was fortunate to meet a mentor who taught him T.M.E. = TIME MONEY AND EMOTIONS.

He learned that if he can save his clients time, money and emotions, he will have clients for life. He was able to achieve this by having the following elements to his tax and accounting services practice: Efficiency Strategy, Management and Growth.

Our Business Strategy:

Technology and business process Efficiency Operations Management Efficiency Change Management Efficiency

At CBA Tax & Accounting, our operating philosophy is to provide our clients solid traditional accounting solutions: we strongly believe in traditional internal and administrative controls, with a view of efficiency and fraud prevention. To that end we embrace the following operational principles: Validation, Accuracy, Completeness, Maintenance and Physical Security. We are a full service firm from a-to z solutions.

Our consulting services consist more of "blue ocean strategies".

They are analogous with true progress and constructive development and growth to our business clients. Software is also integral to our blue ocean business strategies. We aim to please our clients within the parameters of the law and norms.

Our niche markets are:

Real Estate Investors Property Managers Real Estate Brokers Attorneys Construction contractors All retailers etc.


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