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Recover your Google account

Google has become a home for trillions of users, making Google account a widely used service in every sector of the market. Not only this, Google account is broadly accessed for personal as well as commercial purposes, therefore its security is crucial.

Google introduces a set of easy procedures to recover the Google account and gain access. For the advanced security of Google account, it is recommended to cover your account with Two-step verification. In case, if have lost access to your account, do not get hassled. You can easily recover it via Two-step verification.

Steps to recover Google account with 2 step verification

If you have queries like how to recover Google account with 2 step verification, need not to go anywhere as here is the complete details about your search. You can opt the following easy procedure to recover your Google account using the two-step verification:

Open the web browser and visit the Google account recovery page.

On the login page, you will be asked to enter your username.

After giving your username in the required field press the "Enter" button.

You will be directed to a new page where the password will be asked. There, tap on "I forgot the Password".

After that, usual recovery options will be displayed.

In order to recover your account using the two-step verification method, tap on "Try Another Method".

Now, you will be asked to select from the options. Tap the option to Recover using 2-step verification.

After selecting the option, Google will ask you to enter the verification code that was provided at the time of setting the 2-step verification option.

Enter the correct code and then give the required verification details.

After the successful verification of your account, you will be logged in to your account and will be provided with the option to set a new password.

Follow on-screen instructions and set a new password for your Google account.

Here, you have completed the procedure of Google account recovery using two-step verification.

Recover your google account by phone call:

Alternately, users can opt the method of Google account recovery by phone call which is supposed to be the most convenient option. To recover your account using the phone number, you should have access to the registered number on which you will get the verification call. Follow the enlisted steps to recover your account by phone call:

Visit the Sign In Helper page of Google and select the option of account recovery using the phone call.

If you are selecting the option of "recovery via phone call" then you will be asked to enter your phone number.

After giving the phone number, click on the CONTINUE button.

You will get a phone call on the registered phone number for verification.

After the verification is done, you will get the option to reset a new password for your Google account.

Go through the on-screen instructions to set and save a new password.

In this way, you can conveniently recover your account using the phone call option.

Know the other recovery options provided by Google:

For the convenience of users, Google provides various alternative methods to recover the account. Here are a few options, using which


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