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Reasons Behind The Formation Of Dark Circles You Should Know

Dark Circle Treatment

Dark circles are a common ailment affecting a large number of men and women at all ages. While a 18 year old complaining of dark circles could be because of sunken eyes, a 60 year old could possibly have it from thickened aging skin.

Dark circles under your eyes ruin your beautiful face. The experts suggest that there are many reasons behind the formation of dark circles and mess your facial attributes. After analyzing the condition and diagnosing the reason, the correct Dark Circle Treatment is prescribed by the experts.

Causes of dark circles

  • Fatigue

The most legit reason behind dark circles as per the experts of the leading Skin Clinic Mumbai is fatigue. When a person oversleeps, he might develop dark circles. One the other hand, when someone is working relentlessly overnight and is suffering from sleep deprivation, he will develop dark circles. It happens because the skin below the eyes starts to fade causing the tissues and blood vessels to appear.

  • Age

When you age, the skin beneath your eyes start fading which results in the appearance of the blood vessels and darker tissues underneath. The loss of collagen under the skin tissue will make the skin fade.

  • Strain in the eyes

The contemporary lifestyle harms our eyes more. The screen time has increased considerably over the years. An average screen time spend by an adult is around 220 minutes daily. Imagine how much stress a pair eyes goes through! The relentless strain on the eyes causes the formation of dark circles. The specialists in the Skin Clinic Mumbai suggest reducing the screen time and relax your eyes to remove dark circles naturally.

  • Sun exposure and allergies

The other natural causes are sun overexposure or allergies. Due to allergies, the blood vessels underneath your skin below your eyes dilate causing dark circles.

  • Dehydration

When your body is deprived of balanced water intake, the skin underneath your eyes start to look pale and dark circles appear.

Here are few more causes of dark circles

  • Anemia (low hemoglobin)
  • Sunken eyes due to bony framework
  • Thinned out skin and underlying blood vessels
  • Thickened skin from allergy
  • Photoaging skin and wrinkles
  • Actual pigmentation
  • Other causes – Less sleep, puffy eyes,stress


Only a reputed skin clinic can offer the best Dark Circle Treatment in town. A specialist will provide a scientific approach to diagnose the reason and start the treatment likewise. The dark circles will disappear in no time.

Dr. Vrushali Recommends a specialized chemical peel for actual pigmentation around the eyes. It contains trichloroacetic acid, retinol and arbutin which facilitate the shedding of epidermis and reduce melanin in the undereye area. It is specially formulated for the sensitive under-eye skin for dark circle treatment.


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