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Proper insulation vacuum machine

Who wants to insulate, can choose from a wide range of materials. The big difference is in the lambda value expressed in W/mK. This indicates how well or how badly a certain material conducts the heat. The better the heat conduction, the higher the lambda value and the poorer the material insulates. K, E, R, U, the isolation alphabet. This article will guide you through all the values ​​and abbreviations of insulation. Now that you can make use of the used insulation trucks for sale the options will be many for you.


If you compare two used krendl insulation machines with each other, you know that the material with the lowest lambda value is best insulated at the same thickness. This is not to say that with a material with a higher lambda value you do not achieve the same performance as with a low value. You only need to apply more insulation.

R value

Therefore, it is more interesting when purchasing used insulation blower machine to take into account the R-value or heat resistance of the insulation material. This also includes the thickness of the material. The larger the R-value, the greater the resistance that the heat passage experiences and the better the material is insulated. This value is also very important when applying for grants. In Flanders this must be at least 3 m²K / W, in Wallonia 3.5 and in the Brussels-Capital Region 4 m²K / W.

While selecting insulating materials do not consider insulation value only but also the ease of use, environmental friendliness and of course the price. Roughly you can divide the insulation materials into three categories: mineral wool, synthetic materials and bio-ecological products.


Plastic insulation boards are water repellent, making them easier to place in humid conditions. Moreover, they are low in weight and easy to cut.

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The lambda value of plastic insulation is lower than that of mineral wool. So plastic insulation material insulates better at the same thickness.

Fiber glass is a fiber of silicate (a mineral). Silicates are raw materials for glass. Fiber glass is made from sand and recycled glass. Fiber glass is made of fibers and holds air. As a result, it works well as insulation in the cavity. Fiber glass as an insulating material is available as insufflable fiber, Fiber glass blankets and Fiber glass panels.

Fiber glass is often blown into the cavity wall. The loose fiber is used as blowing fiber. In the Netherlands, a lot of work is done with cavity fiber for cavity wall insulation. Inflatable fiber looks like white cotton. The fiber is made of glass. There is a new type of Fiber glass on the market, which is called '' virginfiber ''.Now the blowing machine for insulation is a perfect option there.

About us:- The lambda value of plastic insulation vacuum machine is lower than that of mineral wool. So plastic insulation material insulates better at the same thickness. The disadvantage is that plastic is less flexible and therefore not so suitable to insulate uneven surfaces. The price is also higher.              


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