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Prevent Dents and Scratches from Harming Your Car with These Tips

The fact that there are more than 6 million car crashes in the US every year may come as a shocker, which causes more than 3 million non-fatal injuries, which could have been completely prevented had it not been for the carelessness on the part of drivers. Furthermore, some drivers also cause many dents and scratches to their vehicles due to being negligent and for a sheer lack of awareness. A vehicle is a big investment for most drivers at the end of the day, so one must work towards keeping their vehicle looking its best as long as possible. Car inspection, Freehold NJ, is a vital step in that direction, since a vehicle that is continuously serviced and maintained will perform optimally for a long time. Taking your car for inspection at regular intervals will ensure that it is safe to run and do not pollute the environment. Plus, doing it will reduce the number of trips you make to the garage and the possibility of your car breaking down unexpectedly.


While it may be impossible to prevent all chances of dings, dents, and scratches, but preventing dings, scratches, and dents on your car is not as difficult as you think it is. The good news is that by practicing a few common-sense tips, you can keep your vehicle better protected and looking great.


Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle dent- and scratch-free. However, should you find some sort of cosmetic issue, fret not, a qualified auto body repair shop will be able to restore your vehicle's looks by fixing those imperfections!


Keep your car in the garage- There’s no two ways about the fact that the more time your car spends in a garage, the more protected it is from the elements, such as extreme weather conditions (hail and high winds can cause dirt, sand, and stones to wreak havoc on your car’s paint) and other people (particularly thieves and robbers). So, it’s wise to keep your vehicle in the garage whenever possible. As an alternative to a garage (if you don’t have one), it’s advised that you invest in a carport that are available at reasonable rates.


Be wary of parking lots- Believe it or not, parking lots are a hotbed of dings and dents for your car, especially when the people parked next to you aren't being careful with their vehicle doors. The best way to avoid it is by parking in an empty part of the lot or in the back of a lot, where there is less traffic. There’s no harm in walking the few extra steps to get into the building. Parking in an end space will lower the risk of scratches by about 50 percent. It’s advised that you choose your space well when you’re parking in a lot, better yet, choose a corner spot, and rest easy to have spared your vehicle from dings and scratches.


Parallel parking is the best bet- As troublesome as it may seem for a driver in terms of being a very difficult driving maneuver, the truth is it is one of the best ways to avoid having other cars parked next to you. By practicing parallel parking on a regular basis, in no time will you master this maneuver.


Don’t lean on your car- You might be tempted to lean on your car in order to appear cool, but your back jean pocket buttons are going to dig deep into the paint, thus wreaking havoc on your vehicle’s paint job.


Keep foreign objects off your vehicle- Just avoid placing things on your car, such as setting items on the roof or hood of your car, or placing keys, mobile phones, water bottles, which can cause damage to its finish. This is practically an invitation for unexpected dents and scratches. It is just soft cloth and water that your vehicle must come in contact with, and nothing else!


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