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Prepare Your Home for Home Inspections

If you are planning to sell the house, do not forget to take home inspection services by professionals. An inspected house is more valuable as you have the written reports that reflect the quality of the house. If you have not taken the inspection services before, use internet find them. Go online and find the reliable company that has licensed home inspector in Fountain Co. However, there are few things that you can do to help your home inspector.

Clean the House – Your impression speaks for you that is why it is important to keep the house clean on the service day. Be a nice client and help the home inspector for an effective process. The clean house reflects that you care for your belongings. Provide a pleasant ambiance for the inspector so that he spend proper time on inspection.

Be Available – There are many chances that the home inspector visits the place early. That is why we suggest being at your place before the fixed time. Home inspectors usually begin the inspection from the exterior so do not be scared of any stranger walking in your backyard. If you find him inspecting your property without any notice, treat him politely and welcome him inside.

Connect the Appliances – During the process the inspector needs to turn on all the switches to check the flow of electric current. Furthermore, he will run the dishwasher, test the furnaces, and air conditioning to keep the appliances connected even if the house is vacant. If any of the systems are disconnected, the inspector will reschedule the appointment which results in a delay in the report. Obviously, you cannot wait for another inspection especially when the house is on sale.

Provide Workspace around Furnace and Water Heaters – The inspection team does not ignore anything that is why you need to provide clear space. Remove all the boxes, bookcases, furniture and other accessories that are blocking the access to furnace and water heaters. The inspector needs enough space to move freely in the area. In case of any fault, he will recommend you to get some professional as they are more experienced than the general home inspector.

Keep the Pilot Ignited – Keep you pilot ignited as many of the inspectors do not take the risk of lighting the pilot. Many house appliance like heating system, boiling system, and water heater are connected with this pilot light. Therefore, do not forget to lit the pilot if you want a complete report. Your buyer may delay due to incomplete inspections.

Garage Doors and Basements – Basement inspections are as important as the other parts of the house. Provide a clear path for the inspector to enter in your garage or basement. During this inspection, they need to check the wall cracks or leakage. That is why it is important to remove all the boxes from the wall side and vacuum the space to clear the spider webs. Make the process easy for the beneficial report. If you have automatic garage doors provide the remote so that inspector can check whether the door is functioning properly or not.
Provide keys for Electrical boxes – Provide the keys of main electric supply boxes and unlock the water sprinkler for inspection. You can also label the keys if you are not available on the site.
Clear House Exterior – Most of the inspection begins from the exterior of the house that is why it is important to clear the paths for easy inspection. In summer, cut down the extended branched of trees and clear the bushes for a neat look. If possible, place the trash cans away from the house.

Repair Documents – If your house has gone through any repairing work or renovation, provide the report to the inspector. This will be helpful to make the inspection process fast and easy.

The home inspections in Fountain CO usually last for 3 hours or more depending on the size of the house and the complications. However, you can reduce the time by providing easy access to your property.


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