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Post-Storm Cleanup Tips For Your Lawn

Taming natural disasters like storm, hail or an avalanche is not a matter of joke and most of the time it is something next to impossible. The fallouts of these calamities are irreparable at times. All you can do is take precautions to face the disasters in lesser intensity and if you at all face it you need to strengthen the post storm recovery programme. The same goes with your much coveted lawn. The lawn that has demanded much investment on your part can get mutilated in split seconds if a storm decides to do so.

You need to thus keep in your mind some post-storm clean up tips for your lawn.

The following actions can be taken in case nature's turmoil wrecks havoc on your lawn.

  • It is important to take a note of all the damages that the sudden calamity has brought to your lawn. Be an observant and find out which trees are damaged, where the broken branches have fallen and report about them to your lawn care provider, your arborist landscape specialist and your tree surgeon. They will take prompt steps to clean up your lawn curbing the chances of further damage.
  • A jeopardised drainage system can damage your lawn. Thus make sure that post storm drainage and irrigation runs smooth. Branches, faggots, twigs, foliage, dirt and mud can clog water lines, sewage and drains impeding the flow of water and this will reduce the supply of adequate water into your yard. Take a note of all the nooks and corners where water has got logged and all the puddles formed post storm. Bring them into the notice of your drainage specialist.
  • Clean up and remove yourself all the sticks, leaves and foreign materials that have gathered into your lawn post storm. Removing the debris is important to let in sunlight and help the damp areas dry out fast. This is important for maintaining the health of your lawn. Make a pile of the composting materials and keep aside those that do not decompose. Disposal of these items must abide by the local waste management regulations.
  • Take care of the damaged trees and find out which is a salvageable one and which is not. Call an arborist or bring them to the notice of your expert gardener and let them take action to either remove the damaged trees or to recover them by simple trimming, in case it is possible.
  • Never let any part of your lawn remain waterlogged. Waterlogged areas can breed germs and spread diseases. Inform your lawn care provider or seek the help of flood specialist in severe cases to get rid of the problem.

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Kenneth Hayes

The writer of this article develops contents for lawn care and maintenance service provider, Mast Lawn Care. It is the most notable lawn care company in Scottsdale.

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