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Once Upon A Time

While I was living an ordinary life where chances of unusual miracles happening are lesser but the play maker had tastemakers to be added in. I was searching for a new life, a new beginning. Rasterizing images, monetizing the videos for clients was on my daily job list. I had never thought that the food I cook daily for my lunch box would have played an important role in my life and would change everything and create new possibilities that brighten up my world. I always used to have absolute pleasure while cooking for myself, my family. It was the same old afternoon just after my lunch hours  and I went in for the new project editing images and videos uploading them on my company’s you tube channel. It all began when I use to think about having my personalized You-tube channel as a part time hobby.


A mere hobby can create new findings, for me was not assumed by anyone before. Initially finding even the subject of YouTube channel was a huge task but it all went in smoothly in a go when my wife Elena explained me why to have a ‘Food-gasm’ as my video content topic. Combining two of my hobbies was like a salsa tortillas. Though, it took off quite roughly at first when the videos were added by me but then it all went well.  Making it viral was like a new mission. Sometimes the program that makes up-to the most everlasting is the one that creates a buzz to the whole masses and provides them with the most engulfing entertainment process.  Now the only challenge left was to embark the flow of videos. Now, it was time to build up an image to promote videos online. For maintaining goodwill, I needed various researches and analysis to be done before.  The content should be handy for the channel to broadcast its syndication. I needed to be precise with the food concept and its presentation along with the tip of the day. Handling a Youtube channel promotion is not an easier task. One needs more hits and likes plus comments to be mentioned at your videos, it should be shared across web- sites. Generate maximum traffic with imposing a new reach and frequency for it. This sounds like a need of the hour.


Though managing a You-tube video looks simpler, its features of ad biding, targeting and setting up a campaign for promote videos online is rather tough than it seems. I came across gaining a zing for the content. It should have value of infotainment as well. Adding up all the features I went through the process of editing it. While editing a video you need to visualize first.  Syndicating the whole clips step by step having a new video content monetization all set for the You Tube to approve the video. I was waiting in for the very first comment or a like for the video. I also posted my video link on Twitter, Facebook and even what’s app. Social media helps a lot to you when you need to engage with your audiences.  All hard work finally paid off when you see feedbacks, which sounds more like happy ending. 


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