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Nappy- Use It or Avoid It?

For to-be parents, the word nappy itself evokes an ocean of overwhelming emotions because it triggers an image of a little one flashing its toothless smile and they start realizing the joys of parenthood. But as days pass and to-be parents become functional ones, more practical things dawn on them regarding this same word. There are two sets of schools of thought- one promotes diapering while another one, naturally, dissuades. This dichotomy of experts leave the new parents confused because logics given by both of them concern well-being of the little angels who have just arrived on this earth.

It is true that there is a debate regarding nappy usage, but it is highly recommended by doctors if you chose the right type. Cloth made nappies are beyond and above any restrictions, but you can also use disposable baby nappies provided you change it on time, pick the right one and follow instructions properly. Only disposable nappies can ensure a good night sleep to your child which is essential for both physical and mental development. It is a medical fact that infants and toddlers who do not get proper sleep suffer from various disorders like sleep apnea, irritability, inattentiveness, and so on. Babies wetting bed multiple times at night would not get uninterrupted sleep if they are not put into disposable nappies or diapers.

When choosing diapers for your baby, your primary criteria should be its absorbency because the wetness in skin contact for a prolonged period results in skin rashes and infection. It is due to this issue, today leading and reputable brands are manufacturing diapers that are breathable, have less chlorine and other chemicals, and are easy on delicate skin of babies. However, one pertinent problem with using nappy is its cost. No matter, how much convenient and comfortable it is, its supply for a month claims a good part of your total expense. To solve this problem, you can wait for right time when several brands offer deals. Also, you can go online where these deals are offered more frequently as marketing strategy of those websites. Value of money will be when you buy in bulk but refrain from doing so when using a brand or type for the first time, because you never know how your baby will react to this new product.

So, the bottom line is you can use cloth-made nappies as well as disposable ones, but you have to be responsible from your end too. Instead of picking up any brand off the counter, read the packet carefully, choose the right size and of course, change it immediately it is soiled. Remember, these diapers have come into being for the comfort of babies and that comes first. If they are not comfortable in them and get unwell due to these, the whole concept of diapering fails.

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