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My First Science Fair!

You get what you concentrate upon, having a focus is at most necessary element and only I can bring the change that I want to see. Yes others do call us geek, nerd or a bore but, if you're into this stream one needs to create the right way. The IET-KARMAVEER EXPO'14 is right next week and I have a very little time while I began my experimentation process two month ago, when I read in the campus newspaper about the succeeding Expo event. I kept on researching for the concept of my science project upon internet until I reached the proper findings. I wanted to try out something related with Robotics but, then I had a lost on idea generation. The notion was not to develop the scenario but, to awaken the masses by a magnificent concept. What my eyes were searching was not inclined rather a rectified knowledge for power, encouragement and promising future for a next generation. Youth morality should change with the overcoming empowerment of education. Though, I came up with a small idea of making low pressure nitrogen molecules which enables to understand the tyre pressure.

I searched for car tyres online India and by following its dynamics I could bring the change. The testing has been triggered, the apparatus was set and its process was in a proportional flow. The new era of evolution was about to begin in. Initially I felt like, I was walking on eggshells it was quite a pain to understand the tyre pressure and its aspects. I had to dust out the cobwebs from my brains. I needed to finish it before the deadlines and had to play my triumph well. While a liquid nitrogen gas experiment was conducted to check on the tyre pressure. As soon as the balloon is placed into the liquid nitrogen gas bowl, it begins to contract. On contrary, upon cooling it down the balloon again gains its molecular form with the same density and volume.

Eureka! I have found it. The same impact had been observed on the car tyres - Tyre finite element analysis test was conducted. Everything that I imagined was coming true. The same formula can be added on while we're checking out the car tyre pressure. The low tyre pressure nitrogen molecules may help the Indian Tyre Industry to manufacture better tyres that will maintain the pressure. Even if the roads have more rough fictional value. After analyzing the data and driving a conclusion for my project I submitted it to IET. The results were in two days span and I was rather more nervous than before. Their approval was the most important thing for me.

On the day of result, I reached the Expo center and they were about to announce the documentation results. They started off with the lower positioning of tenth place. The spot soon reached to 3rd position and yet my name was not taken. I knew there are many participant who equally well deserving. With few of them having great models and analysis that even I was astonished at. I was numb when the anchor announced my name. This proved too be far better than my last Science Olympiad. Though, success came to my way with lots of efforts and concentration involved I just managed to scrap through the toughest Expo!


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