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Monthly Oil & Gas Industry Contracts Review: Oil & Gas Market Contracts Global Monthly Overview

Rising global demand for energy drives the global oil and gas markets


Mumbai, India – June, 2014 - The changing demographics of the world population has been accelerating the global demand for oil and gas, in order to sustain the increasing energy requirements, spurred by a substantial increase in the global population as well as enhanced energy requirements of modern appliances. Oil and gas industry analysis asserts that in the next twenty years, the demand for natural gas would increase by 60%. Consequently, all three categories of the oil and gas industry: the upstream, midstream and downstream markets have seen an influx in deal activity all through 2013.  


This report: Monthly Oil & Gas Industry Contracts Review: Oil & Gas Market Contracts Global Monthly Overview discusses in detail the performance of the different segments of the market through 2013. The report highlights the key players in each of the market segment and analyzes the deals and partnerships that drove the market in the last year.


Upstream market overview

The upstream category of the market deals with exploration and development. Though the expenditure of this sector rose by USD 18 billion in 2013, the upstream market witnessed 1028 transactions in 2013 which was a 21% drop from that in 2012. While 2013 recorded a transaction value of USD 237 billion, the transaction value in 2012 was USD 286 billion which indicates a deceleration in the market. Between June 2012 and May 2013, Petrofac alone was awarded projects worth USD 7.15 billion – one of the largest deals during this period.   


Midstream market overview

In the midstream segment, there were 90 deals announced in 2013 - a 14% decrease in deal activity as compared to that of previous years. However, it was found out that the valuation of the deals rose to USD 71 billion in 2013, marking an increase of nearly 17% over 2012. Canada and US are the key players in this market according to oil and gas industry statistics and together they comprise over 70% of the midstream deals. Out of the several deals made in 2013, Spectra Energy Partner LP’s contract with Spectra Energy Corporation involving storage and US gas transmission assets, is one of the most significant deals worth USD 11124 million. 


Downstream market overview

The downstream sector of the industry witnessed a decrease in deal activity, with sharp 45% drop in the number of deals as compared to the year 2012. Only 109 deals materialized in 2013. Though this market witnessed slow growth in most parts of the world, US and Europe are the two significant regions which dominate downstream activity. Inspite of the slow progress of this segment, a significant deal was valued at USD 1971 million materialized between Energeticky and Slovensky Plynarensky Priemysel, which made waves throughout the industry.


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