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Modular LCD Video Wall Systems for Control Rooms

Hanging new movie wall screens within an interior wall could be overall more complicated than installing a modular, self-contained, and freestanding Retail LED solution which may be taken in and place into the same day usually.  You may believe that a cupboard solution usually means a profound cupboard.  Yes, it is marginally more substantial than the wall mounted screens, no matter how the cupboard is only 12" deep and all screens and electronic equipment could be retrieved from the other hand.  The distinction between the normal wall mounted LCD video wall thickness, and the cabinet depth is just 5", which ordinarily isn't a"deal-breaker provided the other benefits of a freestanding system.


The benefits of freestanding LCD video wall systems begin with the ease of setup.  Freestanding video wall systems have been constructed at the factory and wholly analyzed as a method rather than as individual elements which are tested after installation.  Freestanding video wall systems are complete systems that include screens, supporting electronic equipment, storage area, racks and high-quality cabinetry which may be brought from the space and place into operation together with training completed the same moment.


A freestanding LCD video wall changes the weight out of the wall into the ground, which can be important in seismic areas of the nation.  The cupboard is typically placed using its backside from the wall and fastened.  The screens may be accessible for service and installation, as would be the supporting electronic equipment saved at the bottom.  Having a mirrored cupboard system, there's no demand for another cupboard for supporting electronics which needs to be stored someplace in or beyond the control area.  The cupboard system has readily accessible storage and can be modular allowing for growth within 2-display modules and may be relocated inside the space or into a different room without needing to retrofit the room to take wall-mounted screens.  Also, there's no need to strengthen the wall and also to make conduits inside the wall to your wiring connecting the supporting electronic equipment to the displays.


I need to add that there is not any difference in the way the LCD video wall systems function. Both are controlled by a movie control of a type with mouse and keyboard, and without or with another touch panel control.  Both systems can size and place some pictures everywhere on the wall.  But a wall-mounted machine necessitates that speakers be set up separate from the screens, unlike the cupboard system which gets the audio system built into the cupboard.


The ideal strategy is to speak to a respectable audiovisual systems integrator with expertise in outfitting management chambers.  Explore the options together and pick the optimal solution for your budget and application.


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