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Mind boggling Ladies Hen Party Accessories

If you have known what a stag party is, then a hen party is exactly opposite to that. Hen parties are organised by the bride-to-be or by friends or relatives of the bride. When all ladies converge in one place there is no doubt there will be fun. The fun created by a hen party should be infectious and be exclusive enough to reach every member present in the party. The hen party could be organised in a hotel or in the bride’s house or in the house of any friend or relative.


Whatever be the venue, we at Fancy Dress and Hen Party offer you the best costumes and ladies hen party accessories that could make the occasion more memorable. It is the time just prior to the wedding when a free bird gets wed locked. There is a different kind of a freedom being a wife and then to become a mother. But the freedom the girl enjoys as a single is exclusive and never could be redeemed. The casual carefree approach might change. Responsibilities might cloud your mind after marriage.


There is no need to worry; you can throw a party for yourself or for your friend that could become a mile stone event in a girl’s life and memories. You could make the party themed and let all your invitees enter into a fascinating fantasy world. For doing this, what you need is an idea of the theme and lots of costumes and accessories that could electrify the atmosphere.


We offer an exhaustive collection of ladies hen party accessories to make your task of selecting them lot easier. Be it accessories for the bride-to-be or for the proud mother of the bride, we have them ready for you to match your imaginations. Head boppers are increasingly being used in parties and there are reasons for that. They are cheap, easy to wear, easily removable and what more you can design them to suit your occasion.


Head boppers with feathery touch involuntarily take your guests to a party mood. Head bopper are available for the bride-to-be, bridesmaid or bride’s mother with varying styles and decoration that you would love to try yourself and see it worn by your favourite friend or relative. With two fluffy extensions protruding from the bopper that are mostly printed with words that spell the occasion or the identity of the person who is wearing it or with L symbols would make a great and attractive inclusion to your hen party.


Head sash literally means a ribbon that is worn around the fore-head. But our imagination and innovation have brought varieties to head sashes. We offer head sashes with different attractive colours and designs to create great moods and atmosphere for your hen party. Head sashes printed with words ‘Hen Party’ are the most sought after sashes. We also offer head sashes that are printed with phrases like ‘Bride to be’, ‘Mother of the groom’, Chief bride’s maid’ that will be appropriate for the hen party you have in your mind.


We at Fancy Dress and Hen Party , not just simply sell mind boggling ladies hen party accessories, but also partner with you in designing the concept and theme of the party to make it a grand success.


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