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Learn How Yoga Mudras Empower your Yoga Practice

Generally, yoga practice is perceived as a combination of yoga poses and breathing patterns; consequently, practitioners ignore some small but vital things about it. While practicing poses accurately and synchronizing breathing with them has its own importance, but scope of yoga practice goes far beyond that.

A relatively lesser known and more subtle branch of yoga, Mudra Vigyan is one such ignored aspect of yoga practice. Mudras are basically hand postures or gestures that directly stimulate our different body parts and organs to enhance the effects of yoga on our body. Including mudras in your yoga practice makes it more effective.

According to Mudra Vigyan, each of our hand fingers represents one of the five elements of the body. The little finger represents Water, index finger represents Earth, middle finger represents Sky, ring finger represents Air, and thumb represents Fire. Also, Ayurveda science works on the belief that imbalance between these five elements is what causes disease in our body. As mentioned earlier, using mudras balances the flow of energy within us, of which these five elements are constituents.

Yoga mudras are believed to affect our internal body functioning. However,the way they do that is hard to comprehend intellectually. Interestingly, researches have proven time and again that including mudras enhances yoga’s effects. So let’s discuss a few simple mudras that you should bring into practice while doing yoga in a lotus pose.

Gyan Mudra

Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger without pressing them too hard. Keep other fingers straight. ‘Gyan’ refers to knowledge. Gyan Mudra improves one’s memory and concentration power. Gyan mudra also relieves from headache, stress, insomnia and other anxiety issues.

Vayu Mudra

Bend your index finger and place it at the root of your thumb while pressing it gently with thumb and keeping rest of the fingers straight. ‘Vayu’ is Sanskrit word for air; therefore, this mudra cures ailments caused by air imbalance in our body. Vayu Mudra is found to be effective in curing diseases such as Arthritis and Paralysis. Vayu mudra also relieves from chronic pain.

Aakash Mudra

Bring the tips of your middle finger and thumb together in a gentle contact, while keeping rest of the fingers straight. This mudra strengthens our bones, as well as is helpful for people with heart diseases.

Shunya Mudra

Bend your middle finger to put it at the root of thumb. Keeping rest of the fingers straight, press your middle finger gently with the thumb. This mudra is especially beneficial for people with thyroid, hearing problems and gum problems.

Apart from these four, there are several other mudras that practitioners should involve in their practice. If you want to learn more about different yoga mudras, their benefits, and how to do them, then joining a yoga center in Rishikesh, Goa, or Bali will be a good choice, since at these hubs you get to learn about Ayurveda, Mudra Vigyan, and yoga philosophy as much as about yoga physical poses and its breathing patterns.


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