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Lawn Myths That You Need To Stop Believing Right Away

Taking care of your beautiful lawn is a tough job especially when there are so many people around you to advice you with tips that may be dubious and can lead to ineffective results. It is entirely up to you to believe and apply them in practical life in order to see your lawn in the pink of its health. This post purposely articulates the myths revolving around lawn which you shouldn’t believe anymore.

Myth #1.

Never rely on the notion that all the lawn grasses grow equally. It is a pure misconception because grass types vary completely and each requires specific nurturing and caring practice. In fact, grasses are the most complicated form of plantations to comprehend and if they are not properly treated with the right measure of watering, cutting, or fertilizing, your lawn’s health could be at stake.


Another big myth that can be held responsible for the unhealthy growth of your yard is lowering mow blades. Well, many lawn owners and gardeners live in the belief that cutting the blades low will reduce the frequency or need for mowing your lawn often, but this is absolutely a myth which you should get rid of right away. When you cut the grasses too short, the roots are directly exposed to the rays of the sun which makes the lawn turn brown. Raising the blades longer, especially in the summer months, provides natural shade to the roots thus imparting a greener and lusher look to your courtyard.

Myth #3.

Most think that bagging your pasture clippings is an effective way to provide nutrients to your lawn. But this is again a wrong idea to follow because mulching yields the best results as they add moisture and nitrogen to the soil. Well, this is because of something you are completely unaware of. The clippings consist of water and after they are cut, they break down and mix well with the soil, thus providing all the essential nutrients that your soil needs.


Mowing regularly in a similar pattern every time is not as fruitful as the lawn caretakers think. Sometimes breaking the generic day-to-day routine is good for the lawn’s health. The best way to treat your lawn is by mowing it vertically and horizontally one week after another on an alternate basis. The purpose behind this interchanging mowing pattern is that it will help the grass blades become strong and stand straight, thus exposing your soil to more nourishment.


In order to cut-down the lawn care costs, people started living in the impression that watering the lawns by hands would irrigate the yard in a much better manner and also saves money. But in reality, this may cause over watering of some areas leaving other areas under watered, thus raising your water bill unnecessarily. Moreover, with the emergence of cutting-edge technology in the irrigation system, sprinklers are now able to conserve water by regulating watering times as it can intuit rain occurrence and moisture amount in the air.

Hope, by now, you have understood what is best and what is not for the health of your lawn. If you have been following any or all of the above-mentioned practices unknowingly then it’s time to ditch these ideas and seek the assistance of experienced service providers who believe in science and technology and not on these stupid myths. If you are on the hunt for Landscapers in Scottsdale, then get in touch with Mast Lawn Care, a reliable and noted agency for lawn care solution in the Scottsdale community.


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Kenneth Hayes

The writer of this article develops contents for lawn care and maintenance service provider, Mast Lawn Care. It is the most notable lawn care company in Scottsdale.

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