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Know about the life journey of Izzat

The emerging pop star cum singer IZZAT HALIKOV, from Uzbek, has been known popularly for his recently launched music video “Another Life”. This music video was done in collaboration with BRBN by featuring her.

She is a very renowned American musician. This Izzat video was launched on the 5th of March in 2018. It is also believed by knowing a fact about this song, that all the production and direction was managed by IZZAT himself.

The entire recording process was done under the Paramount agency located in Hollywood. Then this song was handed to the Ervest Music which has made it possible for the locals to download it from digital mediums life iTunes, android Apps, etc.

Izzat on the doors of fame:

Izzat has a huge fan following for his abstract expression in videos, but he has been equally humbled and is always thankful to his fans.

His belief has such fame only lies in the happiness of his audience. The music journey for him had already begun at a very young age when he was a teen. His evolved music is one of the captivating features of is talent. He has always enjoyed making music for his listeners. He has even confessed about how much his liking is inclined towards music. He can live on music and die on it too. IZZAT is not only a music composer but also a writer, arranger, DJ player, remixer, etc.

The life journey of Izzat:

Talking about his childhood, just at the age of 12, he has been fond of making good music. That’s when it was about never turning back on someone.

In his early career, he created all types of music for all types of events and people. Whether it is any music event, wedding jingles or any collaboration, he never missed out on any opportunity. In the year of 2006, he had finally got into a learning institute where he got a chance to sharpen his skills and learn more about music in depth.

Only at university, he was taught to be a professional skilled sound producer. When things became normal, and he started getting different offers, he decided to launch his Izzat mp3 brand in other countries too. His experience has also been an inspiration for many young learners and experience gainers.

In this way, Izzat has made a very special place in the hearts of music lovers. He owns a good amount of respect for all his performances.


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