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3D printing in the field of dentistry is here to stay. Discover the applications and many benefits of this innovative technique, both for specialists and patients.

3D printing in dentistry:

Currently, the dental sector is one of those that most uses 3D printing for the manufacture of much more precise and personalized parts for each patient. 

3D printing will undoubtedly revolutionize the dental industry in the future, as reflected in the data from one of the latest reports. Metal and 3D printing resin technology will become the primary production method for dental restorations, covering the full range of dental prosthetics.

3D printing in dentistry follows these steps:

Scanned: The laboratory receives what each clinic needs that has previously been scanned by the dentist using an intraoral scanner.
Design: In this process, the indications provided by the dentist to make the tooth are taken into account.

Manufacturing: Finally, the personalized piece is manufactured for each patient.

And what are its applications?

With 3D printing, a world of infinite possibilities opens up in the field of dentistry. Some of its applications include:

- Dental repairs: the dentist scans the patient's mouth. A 3D image of the teeth and gums is then created and saved to a file on the computer. CAD allows the dentist to digitally design the dental repair and print the finished product on a 3D printer.

- Manufacture of crowns, bridges, covers, dental prostheses, or ceramic models, as well as tools necessary for certain dental procedures.

3D printing in dentistry has numerous benefits such as the ones detailed below:

- Lower costs, maintaining high levels of quality.

- Minimize waiting times and increase the number of orders that previously could only be supported by a prosthetist. In addition, it allows us to save a digital copy of each piece for later reproduction.

- Errors are reduced since the piece can be tested before being placed on the patient and several different models of the same piece can even be printed.

- 3D printing allows personalized and minimally invasive procedures.

- Also, the dentist can plan the procedure virtually to treat patients more efficiently and successfully.

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