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John Van Steenkiste: Professional Private Investigations

John Van Steenkiste is a highly devoted professional private investigator. He has over 28 years of experience working as a private investigator in the state of Florida.

He is an expert in investigating, process serving, and conducting worldwide investigations for both private and public industries. He has worked for a number of international governments in order to solve highly sensitive internal matters that government officials themselves cannot solve.

Over his extremely long tenure as a private investigator, John Van Steenkiste has gathered a number of sources that he can use on a regular basis in order to discern important information much more quickly. He also belongs to the national and local organizations of Process Servers and has the ability to serve process throughout the United States of America.

In addition to his time spent as a successful private investigator, John Van Steenkiste enjoys spending time with his family, serving the less fortunate, and being a member of the Free Masons.

John Van Steenkiste is the founder and operator of Compass Investigations. Compass Investigations is a private investigative agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He established the agency in 1986 and has run it extremely successfully ever since.

Compass Investigations is located in the down town Fort Lauderdale area, adjacent to the State and Federal Courthouses. They are staffed with investigators, computer specialists, paralegals, and researchers. Their renewed databases are the most comprehensive of its type and are comprised with thousands of information, sources, and reference facilities consisting of government records, corporate filings, stockholding records, government publications, and various media releases. Compass Investigations, and John Van Steenkiste serve the community offering services to both private and public industries, as well as international governments.

Due to his overwhelmingly immaculate track record over the course of his almost 30 year career, John Van Steenkiste and Compass Investigations were hired by the Bahamian government in order to solve internal matters that they could not solve themselves. This kind of work is not out of the normal scope of service for Compass Investigations. Although John Van Steenkiste and his company are based in the state of Florida, they can literally serve anyone in the world who has court documents.

John Van Steenkiste has enjoyed an immense amount of success in the realm of private investigating. However, when he isn’t furthering the success of his private investigation firm, Compass Investigations, he is spending time with his family and helping those who are much less fortunate. He is dedicated to the betterment of his community. Whether it is through his professional life or his philanthropic endeavors, he has devoted himself to bettering the environment around him.


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