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Is There A Difference Between In-ear Headphones And Over-ear Headphones When It Comes To Hearing Loss?

When it comes to using external devices for listening purposes, people are inundated with various options that can be used to plug into their phones, be used wirelessly for music or even Bluetooth for when you’re on the go. If you suffer from hearing loss however, the options can be narrowed and need a little more consideration when choosing a type of headphone or earphone. So what are the differences between the in-ear headphone and over-ear headphones, and which ones suit better for those that have hearing loss?

In-ear headphones

These devices, as the name suggests, goes directly inside the ear and funnels the sound down the ear canal. These are typically very portable and are small in size so you can easily take them with you wherever you go, especially if you use them for exercising. While some in-ear headphones still use cables, a majority of brands use wireless or Bluetooth technology which helps them sync seamlessly with your devices.

In-ear headphones, because a lot of them are cordless, have shorter battery life. This is an important factor to consider before purchasing in-ear headphones. Another key element to consider is comfort. The in-ear headphones usually come with varying sizes of attachable silicone buds to suit your ear size. This can be great because you can customise the in-ear headphones to be more comfortable and secure while you’re using them.

Over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones are typically more chunky in size. They are designed to completely encase your ear and cover it to ensure no sound escapes and you are getting the best possible experience. A lot of musicians use over-hear headphones as they also tend to have better for noise-cancelling qualities and drown out background sounds. Because these headphones are bigger and usually have more capabilities, they can also be the most expensive option.

While a lot of the over-ear headphones have cords, they don’t need to be charged. However, with a lot of advancements in technology, there are more and more products that have wireless or Bluetooth capabilities while still enjoying the over-ear headphone benefits. These headphones are also quite comfortable. Usually, the headphones are made with a soft cushioning material that is covered with leather for protection and comfort. You also don’t have to worry about sticking anything into your ear.

For people with hearing loss, over-ear headphones might be a good option. They typically have better noise-cancelling capabilities and are comfortable for the wearer. However, it’s always important to consult your hearing aid specialist because they will be able to help find a tailored solution depending on the severity of your hearing loss.

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