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In Android App Development India Is a Promising Nascent Market

The global Smartphone market reached a peak and finally has started some signs of slowing down in the past few years. However, India has been quite an anomaly to this trend. Major Smartphone manufacturers are looking to explore the market India presents, which is expected to grow manifolds in the upcoming years. Stealing the spotlight away from major markets such as China and US, India has become the center of attraction for Smartphone manufacturing giants. With its rapid growth and immense untapped potential, Indian Smartphone market is being viewed as the crown jewel. 
What are the Indian Smartphone user market predictions for upcoming years? 
There is no doubt in the mind of any marketing professional that the Smartphone user market boom is here to say, at least for the moment. By 2017, it is being estimated that the online Indian market user figure is going to reach 500 million at the least. What’s even more exciting is that about 314 million users among them is expected to be mobile users, that is, they will be using mobile devices as the primary gateway for accessing Internet. 
Even with such impressive figures, it is quite astonishing that the Android App Development India market is still at a nascent stage. This can be associated with the fact that the introduction and development of Smartphone market in India happened late as compared to the other parts of the world. A recent study has revealed that a staggeringly high number of Android devices, which forms 47.21% of total number of devices in the market, still use Android Kitkat v4.4, which is two generations behind at present, after the launch of Android Marshmallow v6.0. Currently, just about 12.86% users can be said to be up to date or close to being so in terms of use of latest Android OS. 
Such dismaying statistics might seem contrasting to the optimistic predictions, but it isn’t. Even though the market has developed quite recently and is still not caught up with the global pace, this has created a unique opportunity as well. Android App development India is one of the most promising markets at present. Even though there has been stagnancy and slowdown in Android mobile application development in many major countries, such as, America and China, Indian market is a rich field, yet to be cultivated. 
Android App developers in India are finding smarter ways for higher application performance!
The Indian Android market is not just backward in terms of use of the latest Android OS, it has also been found that even at a time when 4G is spreading across the country, a majority Android users, 58% to be precise, use 2G network to download Android applications. It has shaped up a market where high performance and lightweight applications get higher popularity as compared to heavy apps. 
Major Android App development organizations in India, such as Ingenious Minds Consultants Pvt. Ltd. have brought about the much needed change, bringing together professional quality and affordability in Android mobile application development. 
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