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Importance of Hipot Test Kit in Electrical Appliances

The Hipot Test is an important test in electrical engineering which is used to check the adequacy of electrical insulation in different electrical appliances.  This test is very important to check the working of the electrical gadgets and this is the reason a large number of the electrical goods company have come up with the idea to manufacture hipot tester kit in India. 
The term hipot test actually stands for High Potential difference test or High Voltage test. In electrical engineering, it is also termed as Dielectric Withstand Test. This test makes sure that no current would flow from one terminal to another by the application of a high potential difference when the test is run. The hipot test equipment along with Coating thickness analyzer is quite in vogue in the electric appliances manufacturing company in India and abroad.
How is Hipot Test conducted?
In the simplest form, the hipot test can be conducted by the application of a relatively high voltage between two conductors which are separated by the insulators. The material which would insulate the appliances is supposed to withstand the voltage without the development of any snag. The insulation is said to be adequate or pass the test of dielectric strength when the appliances withstand the high voltage without breaking down.
The Hipot test is generally conducted between the primary circuit and low-voltage secondary circuits. Here the hipot test equipment generally connects one side of the supply current to Earth and the other side to the conductor which is being tested. The given conductor can be connected either to the high voltage or to the Earth. When there are two or more contacts to be tested for the high potential difference then one of the contacts are connected to the high voltage and the other contacts are connected to the ground. In this way, you can rest assured that the contacts are isolated from one another.
Importance of HIPOT Test
The hipot test is very significant in electrical engineering, this is the main reason that many hipot tester manufacturers in India have come up in recent times. The importance of hipot test or dielectric withstands test are summarised below.
• Non-destructive Test
The dielectric withstands test is a non-destructive test which can determine the adequacy of electrical insulation effectively. It is a high voltage test which is generally applied to all the electrical appliances for a specific time to be assured that the insulation used in the appliances is not marginal.
• The hipot test is generally conducted to find out whether any fault has been developed in the electrical devices after it is subjected to humidity, fault condition or vibration.
• The hipot test is an important test of the manufacturing process for the detection of the reduction in creepage and clearance of the transformer wound or pinhole defect in insulation or in order to find out an enlarged solder footprint. These failures can arise from a new operator in the winding department. Many research and developments are currently carried out in electrical engineering on the hipot test.
So, this was in brief, the significance of hipot test in electric engineering and the manufacturing industry.


Importance of HIPOT Test

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