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How Yoga Practice Has Transformed in the Past Decade

Born centuries ago in India, yoga, for a long time remained confined within this mystic land. It was in the 19th century that sages from India started traveling to the west to spread the knowledge of yoga. Many westerners were attracted to the wisdom of these sages and chose to learn yoga while most remained skeptical. However, the coming of the Beatles to Rishikesh in 1960s completely transformed the way yoga was perceived internationally.

In the past few decades, yoga has reached in every corner of the world. Additionally, people are not only trying yoga but also experimenting with it. It won’t be wrong to say that the past decade has seen yoga evolve into a mainstream exercise regimen with a microcosm of its own, spread across the world.

Here are few changes that yoga has gone through in last ten years.

Yoga has become more popular

As mentioned above, yoga has become a mainstream exercise regimen. As a result, more and more people are becoming aware of its importance in everyday life.

Men have started doing yoga

Initially yoga was considered a gentler exercise not fit for men. It was mainly because in comparison to other workouts yoga practice involves less sweating. Besides, all the twisting and turning involved in its practice felt awkward to them. Hence, men preferred to shun away from the exercise. However, in the past decade, this attitude towards yoga changed. As a result, today more and more men are opting for yoga.

There is big industry for yoga fashion

Today yoga has a thriving fashion industry. From stylish yet comfortable yoga clothing to yoga mats, upholstery and other accouterments, yoga has a thriving industry. Whether you want to set up a personal yoga practice, or want to attract students to your studio, yoga goods have become the essentials.

Yoga Alliance is considered de facto certification

Yoga Alliance was set up with the aim of setting yoga standards. And the Alliance has done a good job of not only maintaining those standards but also spreading the word about themselves. As a result, today its certificates carry high value and considered as the benchmark of yoga teacher training. People taking yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or elsewhere first ensure whether the institution will give them a Yoga Alliance certificate.

Athletes and Dancers are switching to yoga for better flexibility

A holistic practice, yoga is being accepted by people with different types of needs. Since yoga builds strength and flexibility, it has become particularly popular among athletes and dancers. Many even mention that they feel less pressure and more in sync with themselves after practicing yoga.

New styles of yoga are evolving

Many styles of practicing yoga had evolved in a short period. In addition, people are mixing yoga practice with other exercise routines to develop new customized workouts. While from a fitness point of view, the recent yoga styles may be as good as the ancient ones but when it comes to spiritual healing nothing works better than the traditional styles of yoga.


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