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How Yoga is Beneficial for Teenagers

Teenage is a difficult period for children and parents alike. Various thoughts run in a teenager’s mind about countless personal and social concerns. It is the period when a person begins to understand various fundamental factors about human life. Boundaries of one’s comprehension field begin to expand, and the urge to have control on one’s own life strengthens. How we direct our energy during this period pretty much decides how we will end up later in our life. But unfortunately, it is the age when a person is most vulnerable against various lifestyle issues such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, etc.

Yoga, a time tested exercise program, is the most effective way to improve one’s health and lifestyle. With all the positive effects yoga brings in one’s life, teenage is a perfect time to start learning yoga. Whether a teenager learns yoga with a renowned yoga teacher in Rishikesh, with parents, or with a local yoga group, a positive change in how he carries himself is certain to come.

This is how practicing yoga can be helpful during the teenage years.

Better Understanding of Self

Some of the subtlest questions about the meaning of life start to agitate our mind during our teen years. Through yoga practice teenagers develop a habit of constant self-observance, which helps them in achieving a better understanding of self. And with this better self-awareness, their thoughts and actions automatically become more constructive.

Better Connection with Others

As mentioned earlier, teenage issues aren’t only personal but social as well. If a teenager feels disconnected with his parents, school fellows and friends, then it can result in severe mental disorders. As yoga practice changes our perception, it also builds in us the confidence to stand and speak up. Most teenage issues arise when teenagers feel they are not being heard. And the only way they can feel more connected with others is when they voice their opinion and that opinion is heard.

Better Habits

Various teenage issues are caused by bad habits. The list usually includes eating unhealthy food a lot, drinking, and even taking drugs. Yoga often benefits us in a subtle way. One such benefit is that yoga intuitively builds in us a natural dislike towards whatever is unhealthy for the development of our mind and body.

Supportive to Others

There is no better feeling in the world then helping someone in need. Although, their conscience is still not fully developed, but teenagers understand this quite right. Yoga practice certainly provides teenagers answers to several internal and external concerns, which they can use to help others in their usually socially highly interactive life. Helping others develop a better self-image is a key factor in building one’s confidence.

The mindfulness teenagers achieve through yoga practice helps them in building a good character. It improves their relationship with their family and friends and builds in them a better sense of self-righteousness.


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