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How to treat blood spots with cold water?

If you have found blood spots on clothes and tried everything to remove it and still failed, then try these best tips given by New York dry cleaners.


The easiest way to treat fresh blood immediately is with cold water. Once the spots have dried, a 2% saline solution dissolve about 20 grams of salt in one liter of cold water will help. Due to the salt, the protein dissolves, so it can be rinsed out better. Soak larger blood spots in the washing machine for 30 minutes, then with a standard color or heavy-duty detergent (contain bleach and optical brightener) and wash at a higher temperature.


Remove grease stains with a colored or heavy-duty detergent:


If the textiles are washable, simply wash with 40 degrees and color or heavy duty detergent. Pre-treat larger stains with detergent and rub in. If the items are not washable, fine cornstarch helps: sprinkle directly on the stain, gently rub in and leave for a few minutes, then brush or vacuum. If necessary, simply repeat the process.


Alcohol dissolves resin stains:


Resin stains should definitely be pretreated. Alcohol is good because the resin is alcohol-soluble. Again, you should make an inconspicuous place a sample. Solid residues can also be removed with adhesive tape, small stains on hands and in hair with cooking oil removed. Treat remaining stains with detergent or gall soap before washing.


Remove candle wax by cold:

The advice to iron out candle wax with blotting paper persists. But that only applies to cotton and white candles. Our tip: cold! Freeze the laundry briefly in the freezer or with cold packs and scrub off the hard wax residue. Then pour over the contaminated area in a container with hot water. After a short time, the wax dissolves and floats up. Additional help can be universal thinner.


Wash out sunscreen as quickly as possible with liquid detergent:


Speed is about sunscreen: the more time passes, the harder it gets to get rid of the unpopular spots. It is best to use liquid detergents, as these contain more

surfactants than powder detergents and dissolve the contaminants better, in dosage for heavily soiled laundry.


Especially tricky: sunscreen on the car:

Unfortunately, sunscreen and car paint are not compatible at all. She literally crawls under the top coats of paint and gets stuck there. Neither sanding nor polishing can remove the milky streaks. Make sure that you do not leave any traces of cream on the car with your body on hot days.


If still the stains are strong and you cannot get rid of, do not hesitate and contact New York dry cleaners for the best washing services.

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