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How To Pick The Right Font For Your First Mobile App

Contents being an integral part of digital communication, typography or font plays a vital role in determining the user friendliness, and thereby the popularity of an app. Typography rather comes first over icon designing, imagery choice within the app and interface planning, as until and unless the contents are legible, they would lack clarity and the whole of the app's purpose would fall apart.

While picking up the right font for your first mobile app, it is important to keep in mind certain tricks.

Make use of native fonts, keeping in mind the utility and legibility of the contents. Customize the typography accordingly. In order to gain popularity your app needs to be accessed by the majority. Thus the cell phone screen must be taken into consideration alongside the PC or the laptop screen. Typography thus should be customized intelligently, making use of native fonts. Apple deserves a mention in this context. Its sans serif typography has been wisely designed keeping in mind the legibility and utility of the contents.

Keep the nature of contents in mind while making a choice of the typography. While mostly the neutral and safe sans serif font is preferred over the rest for most of the digital contents, elongated and bulky contents vote for serif typography. This is considered to be more appropriate for eBooks, newspaper apps, journals and other apps alike. The examples of Boomerang and The New York Times can be cited in this context. Thus justify the type of typography to be chosen on the basis of the content's nature.

The size and weight of the font is something that must be considered while picking up the font for your digital app. Avoid over cluttering the interface by pushing off the contents. Keep enough space to retain clarity. As per the normal rule, regular weights suit the minimum of 11-19pt range, medium weights goes well with pt ranging from 20-34 and anything greater than that, for instance the headlines are preferred to be typed in bold. Very large types for sake of clarity prefer light to ultra-light weights.

Keep in mind the line length as apps are comparatively much narrower and overcrowding each line with exceeding number of characters is not a wise decision. On an average while websites notice 60-75 characters per line, a digital app reduces it to 35 -50 characters.

No matter what typography you decide to pick up or design, keep enough white space, keep the fonts neutral and choose something that is subtle yet interesting and quirky, but surely not at the cost of the utility and legibility of the contents. Keep in mind that the font determines to a great extent the personality of your brand.

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