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How to Make Your Yoga Practice More Enjoyable

Whether you are taking yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or have just begun your yoga voyage as newbie at a local yoga studio, the only way to make most out of your yoga practice is to first learn how to enjoy it. Yoga and meditation put your body and mind at rest. However, you can’t do that if you are taking things too seriously at your yoga class. Yoga poses and breathing patterns have their own importance in yoga practice, however it is equally important to enjoy your practice.

To learn how to enjoy your yoga practice, you need to push some of your negative notions aside and bring some positive ones in your habit. Here are a few tips that will guide you on how you can make your yoga practice more enjoyable.

It is okay to fail sometimes

To achieve something in life you need to fail sometimes. Remember! We cannot always achieve perfection in the very first attempt. It will only put you in a dire mental state and deprive you from enjoying your practice, if you don’t accept your failure at yoga poses. Yoga or life, the only way a person can learn new things is by accepting his mistakes and learning from them.

Comparing yourself with others wouldn’t help

We all have the urge to compare ourselves with others in every aspect of life, but during yoga practice we should shove this notion aside. At yoga class you are likely to find practitioners who are better than you. Understand that they have put time and effort in learning them, and that there is no need to feel inferior to them. Besides, it will unnecessarily add a stress-factor to your practice, while your primary purpose of doing yoga is to keep stress at bay.

Stop telling yourself that you ought to practice yoga more

Stop tormenting yourself over the length of your yoga practice. It is perfectly okay to keep your yoga practice sessions short, as long as you are practicing it right. Also, if you will make your yoga sessions unnecessarily long, then it is probable that your daily demands will start interfering with your practice.

Chill out a little

If you will take things too seriously at your yoga practice then you are likely to build a phobia of it, and unlikely to get benefit from it. Add a little laughter in your practice and music too, to make it more fun, whether you are practicing alone or in a class. Also, don’t feel shy to explore new ways of doing poses, since it is the most effective way to keep yourself engaged in yoga practice. Remember! Life or yoga practice, sometimes you need to let go and act on impulse to make it more interesting.

Yoga practice is a blissful experience, since it rejuvenates you inside out, but you can only experience this feeling when you put all your negative notions aside and learn to enjoy it.


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