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How to Have a Little Base Home While Traveling Long Term

When you contemplate becoming a fulltime traveler, most people get confused about having a base home. If you have been thinking about working and traveling abroad for a long time, you may also be thinking about selling your belongings. You may sell many things, but the house is something that most people get stuck at. It is a massive decision to sell the home where you have spent a major part of your life. However, you don’t have to sell everything in reality; you can simply downsize your house.

If you want to get around the world to see the life of your dreams, you really need to pack up most of the things you own, which requires a lot of physical and mental hard work. You need a high level of planning, organization, and dedication to downsize your home. Consider one thing in mind that you are going to be a completely different being from what you are in a few months of traveling. When you return to your old home, the familiar things may not look as delightful to you as they used to appear earlier. Let us see what all you need to do to slim down your house and life!

Sell the car

Until you actually leave your home to travel, you are not going to need more than one car. If you have two cars or more, sell them as soon as possible at the best rates you can get. However, it means that one person from the couple has to use public transport to commute to work, which nonetheless has its own benefits. Yes, you may find it a little inconvenient to use the local bus, metro trains, and tuk-tuks, but you will certainly save money and gain health. You can always use the cabs or take cars on rent whenever you want that added luxury.

Sell or rent the house

If you are the owner of the house, you need to sell it at least six months before leaving, even though you may give possession only when you actually vacate the house. If you are sure that you will be returning back to your home after traveling for a year or so, you can rent it out. However, you need to have someone back in the city who can take care of the renters in case they wish to leave out before the specified period. You may engage a rental company or an estate agent if you can find one.

Sell the valuables

Over the years, you might have collected various pickings that you value a lot. You need to sell them at least six months before leaving so that their emotional burden does not weigh you down. It includes paintings, collectibles, currency collection, stamp collection, show pieces, vases, and antique furniture. If you don’t sell them, you will only end up paying for expensive transportation.

Ask for a sabbatical leave

If you are in a profession that allows you to take a sabbatical leave, you may need to spare six months of notice to your employer, only if he allows. You must mention to your employer that you value your job a lot, and you intend to return from your long vacation. if you have good terms with the company, you can join back when you want.

If you are going to rent your house, you can reserve a room or a garage for yourself to store the things you intend to keep. It is always a delight to come home to familiar things and space, even when you are a hardcore traveler.



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