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How to Go for a Pan-India Journey with Only 300 INR a Day

Whether you are an Indian or a native of some other country, you would surely have the desire to travel. In the current scenario, the internet has hyped traveling so much that even those people who never thought about holidaying are making travel their utmost priority in life. The individuals in their regular life, in addition to the long term goals, also pay an undying attention to the annual or semi-annual target of traveling. Some people like to travel during the holidays and others prefer regular travels during the weekends. And there are others who fear holidaying because everyone tells them that it takes a lot of money to travel; it is not actually true all the time though.

India is listed among the cheapest travel destinations of the world. You need to stretch your imagination and have time at hand to save money and travel as much as you want on this land of Gods.

Have the willpower and strength

When you are short on money, you must have the willpower to bear the roughness of the roads in India. Your self-motivation to travel will be the only thing that will drive you as you go to different places. Don’t let the little deterrents push you away from your goal of holidaying at a little cost. When you return from a vacation after spending an unbelievable budget, you will be the one giving motivation to others.

Indian railways

The cost of transportation in India can be the cheapest or costliest, depending on how much discomfort you can bear. The general coach of the Indian railways can be the most uncomfortable way to travel, but it is the most economical way to measure the length and breadth of this country. When you travel in the unreserved general coach for the first time, you may find yourself cursing the Indian Railways for a few minutes. However, when you see thousands of people traveling along with you without complaining, you forget your pain, especially when you realize that the crowd includes the elderly men with arthritis, kids without clothes, and even pregnant women. You may actually start counting your blessings that you always took for granted. Despite everything, you may also find motivation from the fact that a gorgeous destination is waiting for you to arrive as you get down this messy train.


Even though hitchhiking is not a great option for solo female travelers, men can hitchhike without hesitation from one place to another. People in India are generous most of the times. Just consider yourself lucky if someone agrees to trust you and gives you lift towards your destination. You may have to change several vehicles to finally reach your target place, but it is worth the long journey, especially when it comes without paying anything in return for the lift.

A few truck owners or the driver of a Self-Drive Car may agree to drop you at a small cost, which is again more affordable than paying for a bus ticket. The Indian roadways buses are not very expensive, but they can be really painful for long journeys. If you have a fixed budget of spending only 300 INR per day, you better opt for hitchhiking after you get down from the train or find a cheap mode of transportation.

Traveling across the dimensions of India is perhaps the cheapest in the world. If you are determined to travel on a budget for a long time, you can do that easily in India. Just have the strong resolve to travel and you can achieve your targets.  


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