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How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds In The Most Eco-Friendly Manner

Weeds for your lawn can be really damaging. They also mar the beauty of your yard and retard the growth of plants by feeding on the nutrients. Weeds can reach harm to your lawn by destroying the root system. However, if you desire to have an eco-friendly lawn you cannot apply herbicides. Yet again you cannot allow the weeds to grow unchecked. Thus what to do?

Take a note of these eco-friendly ways and means to get rid of lawn weeds.

  • Remember, there’s no two way to success. All to you need to do is to work hard and at times really harder. You cannot avoid physical labor if you really want to get rid of the weeds. Get hold of a shovel and minutely discern each weed and dead and rotten leaves and pick them up. It can be a lot of work, but hard work would really help.
  • A wise use of salt, preferably rock salt can be immensely helpful. Salt can act as a very good agent to melt the rock and destroy the weeds. However, keep in mind that you cannot use either rock salt or table salt recklessly. Excess usage of it can make your lawn go barren, something which is not desirable.
  • At times a battle can too be a savior. This may sound immoral but for the plant system this works well at times. Plant garden crops and flower seedlings that in the near future can outgrow the weeds, in order to fulfill the nutrient needs, be it water, sunlight, minerals or fertilizers. Once the plants can outgrow the weeds and overpower them, the lawn health would be maintained.
  • Bell the death knell for the weeds by pouring hot water. Yes, hot water can often destroy some of the toughest weeds.
  • Keep the lawn thick. Turfs can be indeed helpful. Once a thick lawn is maintained with care, the weeds cannot travel deeper within the soil. This can save the plant root system.
  • Smothering, although not always suggested, sometimes is noticed to be helpful. The weeds can be covered with newspapers for some days. This will deprive them of sunlight and nutrients and they will grow feeble and at the same time the soil would not be depleted of its moisture content and will remain hydrated as it is.

These ideas can be applied to keep your lawn weed free in an eco-friendly manner.Taking professional help is always suggested when weed management is needed for your lawn. Leaf cleanup Scottsdale under Mast Lawn Care is not only reliable and popular but highly skillful in developing healthier lawns.


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Kenneth Hayes

The writer of this article develops contents for lawn care and maintenance service provider, Mast Lawn Care. It is the most notable lawn care company in Scottsdale.

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