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How To Get Greener Grasses For Your Lawn

Green lawns are not only feast for the eyes but they are great possessions for an estate. Having a lush green lawn is thus the dream of almost every lawn owner. However, no matter how much effort given, some years the turf fails to meet the expectations and are not in their greenest shade. A proper lawn care can definitely help you to overcome such a problem.

Note the following tips to have a lush green lawn.

  • Fertilize your lawn at regular intervals. Application of organic and synthetic fertilizer can insure the growth of healthy grass, can strengthen roots and can prevent weed growth and pest invasion. The key components of all fertilizers are potassium and nitrogen but you need to make sure that the right dosage of these two are applied to your lawn as excess of nitrogen can lead to burning of your yard and lawn discoloration. Half inch of the lawn can be covered with organic fertilizer which can be raked on the surface. Applying fertilizers at the outer edge of the lawn would also insure healthy growth of turf.
  • Adding organic fertilizer or compost would be of immense help. You can either make the compost by yourself or can get it from the town. No matter what you do, make sure that the compost is fully decomposed and it is not steaming.
  • Applying the pre emergent herbicides at the right time is a must. This is because in the warm spring along with the growth of the lush green turf, crabgrasses grow too. Pre emergent herbicides act effectively by killing the saplings as the seeds germinate.However, time is an important factor while applying such herbicides and determining the right time depends a lot on the weather patterns. Make sure that such herbicides are applied when the ground temperature rises to a minimum of 60 degrees.
  • Control the weed growth anyhow. Usually the weeds sprout up after the spring showers. They make the soil more humid and tampers the look of the lawn. Try to nip them in the bud by hand itself while the soil is still moist.
  • Maintain the right grass height all the year round. Keep the grass height to an approx three and a half inches all round the annual cycle as this will prevent excess evaporation and drying out of soil. It will also shade out weed seeds. Cut the grass during the fall when weeds are not that dense and evaporation is not that much of a concern.

Once you know the right way to deal with your lawn, be practical in choosing a good lawn care provider. Seeking the right professional help would surely help in maintaining the grass health to keep it at its greenest. Get in touch with Lawn mowing Scottsdale to get your lawn in the right shape.


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