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How Lawn Aeration Can Do Immense Good To Your Yard

By lawn care and maintenance, most understand the extensive methods of lawn mowing, clipping and lawn clean up services. But very few will understand and agree to the fact that lawn aeration is equally imperative for the healthy growth of your yard. This article will bring into light the concept of lawn aeration, how it is implemented and what are the benefits that a homeowner gets from aerating the lawn.

Definition of Lawn Aeration:

The practice of perforating tiny openings all across the entire field to allow the roots beneath the grasses to breathe in fresh air is called Lawn Aeration. Often, when the yard if left to grow and thrive on its own, it fails to absorb all the necessary nutrients, moisture and air. This leads to the unhealthy development of the thatch layer. Therefore, to break through this layer to allow the grasses and the roots to flourish in the healthy state, lawn aeration is extremely important.

How to understand that your lawn needs aeration

There are some easy signs to identify as the symptoms that your lawn is in a poor state and needs aeration on an urgent basis. Let us see what they are:

  • If you notice watering your lawn results in water pooling as an aftereffect, then it is an indication that the grasses of your yard are not getting enough moisture. This happens when the surface of the lawn gets waterlogged as the grasses blocked its way tightly to the roots.
  • If the water runs off within a few minutes as you irrigate the land, it is a definite sign that your lawn lacks aeration.
  • If you observe that even after frequent watering, your lawn still looks dry and worn out then probably you lawn needs good aeration.

Benefits that Aeration would bring to your yard:

  • The health of your turf improves to a great extent when it undergoes aeration. The roots get better exposure to the fresh air, moisture and nutrients which enrich the overall condition of the soil and turf.
  • Formation of thatched layers can block the process of nutrient and moisture absorption by the lawn grasses. Aeration on a regular interval reduces the accumulation of dead grass covers with the help of microorganisms that decompose thatch from the earth.
  • Lawn Aeration prevents the soil from becoming compact that blocks the pathways of moisture, fertilisers and minerals to reach the root system of the lawn. The aeration process loosens the soil thus relieving the soil compaction.
  • Lawn aeration fixes all kinds of problems arising from irrigation or rain like run-off, water pooling and puddling.

In a nutshell, aeration is immensely important to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the year. But you should also keep this in mind, that once it is aerated, it needs regular lawn maintenance and care which includes mowing, watering, etc. You can contact Mast Lawn care, a top-known agency for these services as well as lawn cleanup Scottsdale.


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