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How I launched my first website?

     My website is a new start up founded just recently. I had a big dream of making the world a better space by creating a product that solves a problem. It was the main motive behind all these efforts. I couldn’t have done this in any easier manner. It was a great solution and I had to get a lot of things sorted. It was the sort of work I enjoyed immersing myself into. It was the best thing I could do for myself, giving back to the world in a meaningful way. I was lucky enough to have a great team helping build the website. They were very supportive and helpful. I even learned a lot of new things from them and they learned a tonne of stuff from me.  It was one of the most awesome times we had. We were working around the clock and ensuring that the delivery was on time. It was the most important feature of the project. Everything was to be delivered on time and we made very big sacrifices just to make sure we deliver everything properly. It was one of the best days of my life when I was able to show the product to the masses. It was so awesome to get a chance and explore the possibilities of business and yet have the potential to serve people. 

      As soon as I took the product live, it was important that we promoted it and made the most of the media buzz around it. I could easily say that I could mint money but I didn’t aim to do that. I wanted to serve a product and give it the best possible shape. In a way help as many people as I could to connect with the big world. Soon we had a massive funding and we soon even had a digital agency in India who helped us. The  digital marketing agency in India  was perfect to help us grow and become popular. They were the best digital marketing agency India had and we had them on our side. The best advertising agencies would be enrolled to make the most awesome campaign India has ever seen. Ad agency in India is hard to find, but I eventually found the best one and so we took them on board. Online advertising in India is up on the rise and so I went on to increase online conversions. It was the plan to grow through the digital medium.  It was a conscious step and we did well on those accounts. 

     Very quickly we got a lot of the things sorted and went ahead with the plans to expand. We expanded into various languages and hoped that things would work out just fine. It is all about hoping for the best and doing your very best.  We did all that and have had many sleepless nights. It was the type of thing we always wanted to do. It was the most perfect thing we did in our entire life. 


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