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How does Morbid Obesity take Place in Human and Solutions to Cure?

Morbid obesity is undoubtedly the most common and deadliest disease of urban society in modern day. Many reasons can be ascribed to it. Blame it on undisciplined lifestyle, unhealthy but easily available food, bad work schedules and many more such factors that have ruined the nature’s cycle. Disrupted metabolism and poor sleep habits add to the already accumulating reasons of gaining weight out of proportion. Apart from this there are some disorders that cause you to gain weight unusually like thyroid and diabetes. And obviously there are genetic factors as well. But no matter why and how you gain weight, bottom line remains same that obesity is an illness and if not taken seriously, results in slow death.

A patient is said to be suffering from morbid obesity when he or she is overweight by 50 kg or more from his or her ideal mark. Obesity turns into a morbid one if not checked in its initial phase. Control your eating disorder and consult doctor to investigate the underlying cause because if you don’t grow serious, the related problems will take over your body and you will be entangled with hypertension, high sugar level, cardiac problems, abrupt levels of cholesterol etc. Very soon a stage will come where slogging in gyms, running in tracks or treadmills, taking weight loss pills and gels or hard dieting will not help anymore. Only resort left to handle your morbid obesity will be the weight loss surgeries. Statistics say that in the first year of such surgery, patient can lose up to 70% of the total excess weight.

Today, there are many such processes that are clinically proven and have dedicated department in leading hospitals. The success rate of bariatric surgery is higher than liposuction or abdominoplasty. Lap band or gastric banding surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass surgery procedures also have their cons but the pros outweigh them when compared to the old school of surgical procedures. As a matter of fact, only 5% of the patients of morbid obesity can be cured without involving any surgical method and even those are no less than miracles. It is not just the sheer determination but also the characteristic of the body which is flexible enough to react to diet and exercise.

Once you are out of your morbid obesity syndrome, you will out of related disorders as well. If yours was an acquired diabetes due to excessive weight, you will fine after the operation. Your blood pressure level will come down to normalcy and sleep apnea will be forgotten soon. In other words, the quality of your life will be improved substantially. You will again taste the sweetness of life that was long forgotten and you had convinced yourself that you are not entitled to it.

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Morbid obesity , Gastric bypass surgery procedure

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