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How do 100% sure soccer prediction sites work?

100% sure soccer prediction sites never fail and for this reason they have a large number of followers and buyers. It is surprising to know that these tipsters always make correct predictions but the truth is that they have many years of betting experience and comprehensive knowledge on soccer.

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Let’s try predicting outcome a football match and see tippers make tips

The first and also the most important thing you need for making prediction about a soccer match is knowledge. It is your understanding on the game of soccer, tournaments and rules of the game, teams and players that will help in making correct soccer score prediction tomorrow.

Football is a 90-minute game with two equal halves of 45-minutes. Every team has 11 players including a goalkeeper who remains glue to his goal post. There is no dearth of websites where you can find soccer rules written and described in simple language. Or you can visit your nearest football club to get info from a local coach.


The next thing to know is about teams; their formation and start players. Do you know that every player is associated with a football club and that players keep switching their clubs?

National teams have their histories; dress codes and rules. They have star players and they follow strict criteria to include players in their teams. You need to study history of every team and player. It is a tedious job but interesting.


Betting on soccer matches isn’t a new thing but it is as old as the soccer is. You can trace history of first to the first match of football but there is little need to study history of betting. Presently, there are many independent bookies and several large betting syndicates that offer bets.

When you bet, you play against a bookie that could have more experience and knowledge of the game. You have to hone your betting skills in order to win bets. You have limited time to crack the soccer betting odds given by bookmakers.

Could you do this job?

If you can study history of teams and players and analyze how teams perform in given circumstances, you can certainly calculate the right outcome of any football match.

There are many factors that affect performance of teams and players. For example, take weather. It can play spoilsport and prove all your predictions wrong. Similarly you will find that some teams do well in specific tournaments. You have to keep all these things in your mind while making predictions.

Is there any formula for breaking soccer betting odds?

Making soccer tips with the help of a mathematical formula looks easier than analyzing performance of teams and players. Luckily some tippers claim to have formulas for calculating top soccer predictions for today but mathematics can’t give 100% results.


A close study of 100% sure soccer prediction sites would reveal that these sites are run by very senior and professionals with many years of experience in soccer betting. And they rely on their knowledge and experience for making predictions.




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Revelation that soccer matches are fixed could be startling for bettors but it is true and punters have to accept the truth. Football betting has become a multi-million dollar industry and the money in soccer betting is increasing every day.

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