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home renovation

I want to renovate my house
You are thinking of renovating your home but you are hesitant because you do not know what to expect. It is true that the order of work may differ from real estate to real estate, as other work may be required or some may be omitted. However, the basic process followed in a renovation is as follows.
Plan your Home Renovation
First of all, any upgrade of a house should start with a clear definition of its needs. Only then will you be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This design should also include an overview of the time and cost of the work. So we start and put the right foundation of our question I want to renovate my house.
Set a Budget
After recording the needs of your home, you should keep in mind a specific amount that you are willing to allocate. This should be a realistic amount that corresponds to the work required in your space. If you have already determined the amount, you will be able to help your contractor, so that he can suggest you materials and solutions that will not exceed this amount.
Find the Ideal Contractor for Your Project
The success and quality of your home renovation depends largely on the contractor you work with. Do a thorough research to find the one that meets your needs. Prefer an experienced contractor, as this will be able to deal with any surprises.
Study and Measurements of your Space
Once you find the perfect contractor for your project, renovation planning will begin. The specialist will conduct a special study to find out the specific requirements. It will also take measurements in your space, from which it will design and suggest solutions. In some cases, it can also provide you with a 3D representation of the design, so that you have a better picture of the work to be done.
Issuance of Licenses and Order of Materials
Once you have decided on the layout of your space, you will proceed with the issuance of the necessary permits. Especially if you are going to build a new room you will have to visit the town planning and perform the necessary procedures. In this step you will also order the materials that will be needed for the work. Also an important factor in your question I want to renovate my house.
Demolition of the Walls
Once the materials arrive, the work inside your space begins. The first job to be done is to tear down the walls and demolish anything that needs to be replaced. ( ολική ανακαίνιση σπιτιού
Installation of Electrical and Hydraulic Systems
Even before construction of the walls begins, the plumber and electrician can replace the power and water systems. Over time, both systems wear out, so this is a good opportunity to replace them.
Installation of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Systems
In this phase, the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems are also installed. All of this work will produce a large number of rubble, so it's a good idea to do it all together.
Building walls and ceiling
When the work that needs to be done inside the walls is completed, the workshops proceed with the work related to the construction of the walls. Here all the rooms are configured in relation to the original design. This step is usually completed by plastering the walls. However, it is best to paint later so that the walls do not get dirty from the rest of the work.
Floor installation
After the completion of the walls, the installation of the floors follows. Some workshops may prefer to do this earlier. However, this is not recommended, as there is a possibility of it getting dirty or damaged in places from previous work. Depending on the material you choose, the process and time of finishing the floor installation will be different.
Installation of Benches, and Built-in Shelves
After laying the floor, the property has begun to take its final shape. Slowly you can start installing various furniture and electrical appliances. The first of these should be the built-in ones, such as benches, shelves, and closets. Once this work is done, the heaviest work is completed.
Installation of Frames
It may seem strange to you that the installation of the frames is so slow. However, all the previous steps produce a lot of rubble and for this reason the new frames are in danger. So, it is generally good to install new frames after the heaviest work has been done.


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