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Gmail SMTP Settings

Why does Gmail SMTP not work? And why the Gmail SMTP configuration?

First, gmail smtp is a reliable way to send emails from your WordPress website. If you are like me, you would have been receiving thousands of emails in the spam folder.

Have you ever wondered how those emails have been labeled as spam? Because the server you use to send emails would have been reported as spam, if you share the same server to send your emails, your emails would also be labeled as spam.

However, if you use gmail smtp, which is spam-free, there is literally a zero probability that your email will go to your clients' spam folder.

First, let's see how to send emails in WordPress using the Gmail SMTP server.

How to send an email in WordPress using the Gmail SMTP server?

As I mentioned, SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the industry standard for sending emails and, since it uses proper authentication, it increases the ability to deliver your email.

Basically, using the Gmail SMTP server prevents your emails from being sent to spam.

To use the Gmail SMTP server, you can use it with your free gmail account like or you can use the Gsuite payment plan where you get your own email address with your domain name as say .

You must decide which path to take, but everything else in this tutorial will be the same, whether you have the free or paid version.

Step 1. Install WP mail SMTP:

To configure things on your website, we will install a plug-in called WP mail SMTP plugin.

To do that, we go to our WordPress panel, we will go down to the add-ons area and click on Add new. In the search box, type WP mail SMTP, this is what we want with WPForms.

So, let's click install now. Once you install it, you will also want to make sure to activate it.

Step 2. WTP mail SMTP configuration:

Once activated, you can view the settings as shown below or you can always access it by going to Settings -> WP mail SMTP.

Let's look at each field.

From the e-mail:

In the Email field, you may want to add your email address that is set up with your gmail account.


You also want to select Gmail in Mailer since we are using Gmail.

Return way:

You want to press the Set the return path checkbox to match the email checkbox.

Customer identification and customer secret:

If you scroll down, you will see the Customer ID and Customer Secret fields. This is unique to each account and, obviously, we need to complete this customer ID and secret customer information here. So, let's see how to get it.

Step 3. Get the client ID and client secret for the gmail smtp configuration:

To get the customer ID and customer secret, we need to create a project in the Google Developer Console area at

Then, we will open a new tab.

i) Create a new project:

If you have not created any projects, you will have a button that says Create project.

Otherwise, you can upload here and click on the plus button to create a new project.

If you wish to receive email updates about feature announcements, you can select the Yes option button, otherwise select No. And for you to read and accept the Terms of Service field, you must select Yes as shown here.

ii) Enable APIS and services

Now we need to enable the API and services. Therefore, you may want to scroll down and look for Enable API and Obtain credentials like Keys as shown in the image here. It would be under the Board.

iii) Enable Gmail API

Next, in Library, which would be just below the Dashboard, you would see three different APIs here. Out of three, you want to enable the Gmail API, so click


Gmail SMTP Settings,


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