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Gift your furry friend Oxbow rabbit food and a spacious hutch

Rabbits love hay, need a warm and spacious rabbit hutch and require a good combination and quantity of Oxbow rabbit food and hay to keep them as lively and healthy as ever. An enclosure for rabbits is called a hutch. If you’re planning to bring in a bunny friend as a new member of your house then you need to know that a good hutch and good food along with the necessary accessories are important to ensure their well being. Of course, you must have already thought of these. However, in this article, we’ll guide you through the reasons why these are required and how to find them with ease.


Preparing a rabbit hutch for your mini friend

It is a good idea to be aware of the caring routine for rabbits since you’re about to have her around the house for eight to twelve years, no less. This is the approximate lifespan of pet rabbits. The first thing to do before bringing her home is to get her hutch and living quarters ready. You could buy a hutch from a good online pet store to ensure that there’s no compromise with the quality of materials used to build it. You may also need a pet carrier to take her to her vet visit from time to time. To make the hutch comfortable as a bed, you need to spread hay on its floor. Next step will be to stock Oxbow rabbit food for the pet.


Remember, a rabbit hutch should have enough space to play around, sleep and house a litter box and litter. There is a choice between two floored barn houses with waterproof asphalt, removable roofs, two levels, a number of doors, plastic pull-out trays and hinge controlled roof that can be opened. Two rabbits can be kept separately in two levels of a hutch. A metal hutch can be a secure place for a rabbit to play outdoors. Apart from the floors, the hay must also be spread on the litter. Your rabbit will make this into her toilet and kitchen on either side. Talk to the vet for the amount of Oxbow rabbit food you need to feed her.


Oxbow rabbit food for your pet rabbit’s well being

Hay and water needs to be available all the time. Your bunny needs a lot of hay to aid her chewing habit and provide her with nutrition all day long. The microbes in her gut need a constant supply of hay to stay alive so that they can continue to aid her in digesting food. Vets recommend unlimited hay along with good amount of nutrition provided by products like Oxbow rabbit food as ideal for keeping these furry little creatures on their toes. It is available for both adult and young rabbits. Just like us, rabbits have different nutritional requirements at different stages of their life. In your rabbit hutch a place has to be specified for keeping the food.


It is a good thing that pet stores are now selling these products via web portals. It is easy to select from a variety of rabbit hutch or different kinds of Oxbow rabbit food after looking at the options on display. The product descriptions are good enough to differentiate one from the other. Once you buy a product it will be delivered at your home.


Rabbits need Oxbow rabbit food with the right combination of fibre, protein, fait, vitamins and minerals. A good rabbit hutch is needed to ensure that they rest and sleep comfortably.

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