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Gear Machines - Ready, Steady - Go!

I have a keen passion for motorsports and had enrolled myself into car racing circuits. I have been member of the racing circuit since a long time. I feel racing alley is highly prestigious and more demanding in terms of your dedication. Following my passion I have also brought in a new derby car. To keep myself active along with the sport! Trying to win the tournament at the circuit and making a huge impact in the championship. I always dream of the Championship Trophy placed in my artic. The last time I raced I was ambushed between my opponents derby. And the race remained an unfinished business for me! Whenever, I recall this it hurts gravely. Though, I completed the qualifying round. I still have stable hope and will surely participate in the next Racing Championship.

Reinforced with the rear drive complexion, in the Formula one race's along with the steep drive for the race circuit .Enable any driver to win in a motorsports event. Buddh International Circuit is very famous for F1 Races and India Grand Prix in India which has encouraged racing and motorsports events and has taken a new leap creating an impact on the masses that have keen interest in Motorsports. JK Tyres motorsports grasp the insight at the grass-root level and enables to promote talent. Various talents have gotten recognition through its medium. Go-karting Championship has been introduced lately which encourages new genre. My wife Sara grew the hobby of Go Karting since a little while and has aced it like a pro in no time! Starting with driving at a miniature level was completely different for her but, I suggested joining in with professional go karting .Sometimes, we practiced a race together before the tournaments began and this has also lead into a growth in our relation and develop tenderness towards each other. Now, we spend weekend together over the circuit and enjoy the dinner along. Our major concerns remain to develop the hobby and expand the horizon along the co-curricular activity as a professional talent.
This year Sara is going to take part in the National Karting Championship and has been practicing day in and out for the championship. JK Tyres in association with Motorsports has organized a sport event. For women car rally has been established while ago and has achieved numerous racing talents as a counter striking challengers. It's going to be tuff for Sara to raise her graph and complete the race. But, I have hopes that her challenging spirit won't stop until she win's in the title.
The race began while I was cheering her up and said 'all the best' while she waved back to me. The race was very crucial for her, as it was her first professional race and this would give her a lasting effect on her career as a go-kart racer. All the eyes were on the referees gun-shot and along with the bang the race began. At her last lap, at one point I felt Sara was about to lose the fighting spirit when her gear machines gave a roaring sound along with sparks striking the tracks I felt like the tyres were going to burst out. But, with JK Tyres in her kart everything was under control and the radial tyres took the total control. Sara geared up the speed and the fiction grew on the tracks marking up the tyres imprints. The referee blew up his whistle and waved the flag, the announcer exclaimed; "Mrs. Sara Khan has smoothly rheostat her rear-machine and has finished race-off, claiming first position in the rally for Karting Championships". I was overwhelmed with thousands of emotions. We hugged in joy and celebrated this victory with a fine dine.


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