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Frequently Asked Questions on Horse Transportation Service

1. Are the stalls adjustable?

We all understand that horses come in different sizes and shapes, so it makes sense that the lorry that has adjustable stalls which can get the tiniest to the greatest, including mares and foals, will make sure they go safely.

2. Does the selected lorry have padded partitions?

This goes hand in hand using the flexible stalls. Cushioned partitions discontinue the horse being held stiff, and enable them to bend slightly. This is the important feature to include when deciding on sydney horse transport.

3. Does the lorry have air suspensions?

You may make sure your horse will feel the benefit when the Lorries have air suspension that will give your horse “glide in air” like travelling experience.

4. Is the Ramp nonslip?

When trying to load there is not anything worse than the usual horse skidding up and down a ramp. I find a nonslip Ramp only makes the going a bit easier, at the end; in the event you have got a horse that is not easy to load you have got enough to think about anyhow!

Obviously, in the event, the horse transporters have an Air Suspension back ramp then better yet! A back ramp that lifts and drops make the occupation got easier!

5. Is the lorry kept cleaned on a regular basis?

Everyone needs their horse to go in a truck that is clean and tidy. That which you are trying to find is a truck that is anti-slip rubber flooring which is routinely cleaned and disinfected. The lorry tidied and needed to be cleaned after each excursion, and to standards of the journey return home.

6. Is it true that the lorry has inside lights?

As some loadings and unloading will happen in the dark, this can be an extremely useful feature.

7. Is fresh water available on board lorry?

Should you get in this unfortunate position subsequently having some fresh water accessible can help keep the horse composed while waiting for assistance to get there!

8. Does an Equine First Aid Kit is carried by the lorry?

Transporting horses may be dangerous for the transporter that is professional. There are only a lot of things that can occur when a First Aid kit might be convenient, and also, you never know!

9. Is it true that the lorry carries a fire extinguisher?

That is just another crucial really, not just for the engine but also for the horse compartment as well as the living accommodation at the same time. I think when the response to the inquiry is 'NO' then you need to say 'NO THANKS'!

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