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Framing Up My Memory

Its two week since our 50th wedding anniversary—unlike any other random year's anniversary it was our Golden Jubilee to be celebrated. And I wanted to give him a surprise gift for the occasion something very special. I sorted out many of our old photographs and some new made a collage but the quality seemed to be poor. I was not satisfied with my work though, I went in for some decorations of our names with a pinch of glitter here and there and a sparkling floral design with our written memories note enclosed from our first met to honeymoon to Jane's birth, his promotion as Senior Manager and all our vacations spend together even the hard times we had a bash of hour. Just like the years have been our life was full of sweet smell and dew falling from our eyes. Like the aroma of morning tea together, I had picked out each highlighting moments from our life into that symbolic collage. What I really didn't like was the quality –which was so faded like if I was wearing my foggy glasses. But, that isn't the story the photographs needed a photo restorations gravely. I had some old films in the storeroom trunk, but they demonstrated that timeworn has affected even them. The 8mm & 16mm -film was too hoary. I needed to convert 8mm to DVD and 16mm to DVD with HQ enhancing technology. I wanted a monetary way of transferring 8mm film to DVD.
     Initially, I tried it doing myself as all my finances were being short but then I realize that transferring 8mm film to DVD was not my cup of tea. I was restless because it's just few days and now I had ran out of ideas. How to convert home movies to DVD? Google search gave in a long process and nothing was as easy as it seemed in the instructions. I felt of giving him another gift but with this little budget there appeared to be nothing else I could afford off.
    Jane was just in time as my little helper. Jane suggested me for all solutions regarding my photo restoration. I simply needed a professional Photo Scanning Services and I was sorted with my old photos. So, I decided to give all my photographs plus the Convert 8mm To Digital pictures. I gave all my 8mm films & they went in for Converting 8mm To Digitaland 16mm to DVD. The delivery was made on time within two days and I was all set to work on my collage with the arrival of new photos. I gave Klaus a pleasant surprise he was really happy to see the home movies to dvd. He was deeply happy and content with the collage and gave me a tight hug. We cut the cake which was brought in by him and celebrated the occasion with our extended family. He brought in the Flying Chinese Lanterns & we lighten them along the night


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