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Excuses that Would Never Let You Travel in This Life

You might have heard yourself saying, “I wish I could go for more vacations”, if you haven’t been traveling lately. There are people who just wish they could go out of their city more often, but they cannot dodge the vindications for not doing so.

“I will travel once the kids are older.”

“I will go to Italy when I have sufficient money.”

“I will surely go for a world tour after retirement.”

These are some of the common statements of people who never talk about travel without mentioning the words- after or later.

It may sound too harsh, but travel does not automatically happen to you unless you are an actor, supermodel, photographer, or a plain billionaire. You have to make holidaying your priority to make it happen. If you are lucky to have the freedom to go out of your comfort zone for a few days, you should not let other blatant lies stop you from traveling.

I don’t have much money

If you earn a decent income that saves you a few hundred or thousand bucks at the end of the month, you can surely travel. There is an urgent need to cut down on materialistic things such as an expensive sofa set, branded clothes or sunglasses, or the new car you always wanted. For a passionate traveler, these avaricious possessions should not mean the world. Some things like education, food, and medicine are certainly important, but all other wishes can wait until you return from your dream vacations.

I will cover three destinations in one trip

You might have thought that whenever you got to Europe, you will cover at least 3-5 countries in one vacation. Or you will go for a month’s tour to Japan, no matter when it happens. However, if you become overly ambitious with your plans, they may never materialize at all. That is why; it is important to plan your vacations within your financial limits so that your vacations take shape at the right time. Your body and life cannot wait forever for you to let you materialize everything you plan; you never know how long you may be healthy or live.

It is silly to compare your travels with anyone else. Just because people are traveling to the Seychelles, you are under no obligation to do so. If your best friend uploads photos from the Maldives with her spouse, you don’t have to prove it to her that you can also do that. If someone on Facebook flashes Self-Drive Cars every other day, you just don’t have to repeat the same. Just enjoy whatever trips you can afford.

I don’t think I can travel, ever

Have you ever paid too much attention to the negative comments of your friends, colleagues, or family? Do people always tell you that you cannot ever go to Las Vegas? Or that Japan is so expensive that you would return bankrupt? Or that it is impossible for you to scale the Himalayas?

People often try to discourage people because humans are, by nature, somewhat sadistic, though not everyone is like that. You must encourage yourself to take up a vacation if you always wanted to go for it. Don’t let anyone else’s inhibitions or fears override your ambitions.

Whoever talks negative things to you about world travel, you must stop paying attention to them. It is important to be surrounded by passionate people who encourage you to pursue your dreams, not the ones who always pull you one step back. Travel is achievable only if you are truly determined to do it.


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